The Commonwealth Conundrum

AIRS ON: Fridays // 4 PM - 6 PM
HOSTED BY: Danny Payne + Rebecca M

Kicking off your weekend with Canadian Crackers, British Bangers, Aussie Rockers and Kiwi Karnage, The Commonwealth Conundrum provides you with the best place to hear indie, rock, alternative, punk, post-punk, industrial, and whatever awesome music is coming out of the Commonwealth countries... At the moment the focus is on what great sounds and scenes are coming out of Britain, Ireland (not strictly part of the Commonwealth but the music's too good to ignore!), Australia, New Zealand as well as our own backyard. However if there is a rock band anywhere within the 54 countries that make up the commonwealth, hosts Rebecca Munroe and Danny Payne will do their best to find them!

Speaking of the hosts...

Rebecca is quite a passionate and gregarious lass known to rant about a particular news topic that has royally pissed her off! And talk incessantly about her passion for Pete.

Danny Payne on the other hand is a music-loving British MP3J who aims to bring the good people of Montreal the finest in underground, unsigned and independent UK and Irish music.

Both will be speaking regularly with lads and lasses here and abroad about their bands, music scenes and what not!

And at 5:30pm every Friday, Montreal's finest bloggers will inform, YOU, the public about great concerts and what other fun things there are to do in this great city of Montreal.

Oh and in case you were wondering... Pints and cuppas go quite well with this show!


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