New Winter Olympics event: women's ski jumping

In sports news, a winter Olympic event that has previously been open to men only will now be welcoming female athletes. Women's ski jumping is among the few new events that will be added to the program at the 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia.

Among the new events are men's and women's ski halfpipe and mixed relay in biathlon. Team events in luge and figure skating will also be premiering.

Women's ski jumping was twice rejected from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. They said the sport lacked elite competitors, but have since changed their mind. An impressive performance by the women's ski jumping team at a recent world championship event seems to have influenced the board's decision.

According to Committee President, Jacques Rogge, the exciting new events will increase the number of women participating at the games. He also hopes the new additions will draw in more fans to the Olympics.