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By Shelby Thevenot

The Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal has cancelled its partnership with the Far-right group, La Meute.

According to CBC News the agreement lasted less than 24 hours after La Meute posted about working with the charity on Facebook.

A spokesperson from the youth centre said criticism from social media ultimately lead to the decision to null the agreement.



By Ana Bilokin

During a sexual assault trial, Justice Jean-Paul Braun made comments deemed ‘unacceptable’ by Quebec’s justice minister, Stephanie Vallée, who has filed a complaint against the judge.

CTV reports that Braun stated that the advances that were made by a taxi driver probably flattered the alleged victim. Braun then proceeded to comment on the teenager's physical appearance and speculated whether kissing was a sexual act.



By Loren O’Brien-Egesborg

The Liberal government is paying out a 31-million-dollar settlement to three Canadian men after they were imprisoned in Syria and wrongfully accused of being linked to al-Qaeda.

According to CBC News, each alleged victim filed a 100-million-dollar lawsuit over ten years ago.

The settlement was decided back in March along with an apology.



By Luca Caruso-Moro

Delayed access to voting sparks conflict between citizens and police, President Kenyatta will likely be re-elected as long as opposition supporters are unable to cast ballots.

According to Reuters, “security challenges” have resulted in 10 percent of Kenya's voting stations to remain closed. Regions with higher percentages of opposition supporters have been most affected by delays.

Since last election on August 8, conflict between citizens and security forces in Kenya’s counties have accumulated a death toll of around 50 people.