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Well dear friends,

We were graced by the presence of Jeri Brown this snowy afternoon on the airwaves of CJLO. She came prepared to share some of her most recent projects with us, and she did a live reading of the Langston Hughes poem "Borderline". I will try to add audio to the blog this week - I think at least the mp3 of Jeri Brown's January 13th Upstairs performance of "Borderline" put to music should be made easily available for you, my friendly listeners! Keep your ears and eyes open for that new CD Jeri plans to put out May 1st; it sounds like it will be a treat and good food for the soul.

Here is some more information about what we heard today and about Langston Hughes:

Langston Hughes reciting his own poetry:

Information on that recording – Asch records discography:

The Voice of Langston Hughes (Smithsonian Folkways website)


Also - if you want to check out that January 13th performance - Jeri Brown with CTQ - (special thanks to Chris Tauchner for providing the breakdown of the concert!) it is all there near the end of my blog about the Black History Month music retrospective series, 2 entries ago! It is worth checking out, friends. Jeri and the band put on a great show.


Stay warm, drink tea. Everyone is getting sick, including me.

Take good care of each other, friends, and tune in next week for more great music and funding drive lovin'!



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