Goodbye Montreal Mirror

No one can ever say that The Montreal Mirror wasn't a major part of this city. Love it or hate it you read it every week without fail. Those of you who didn't, well let just say you missed out; BIG. With a delicate balance of culture, politics, humour and genuine love for Montreal, the Mirror kept us all entertained and connected for the last 28 years. You didn't know what to do in the summer, they had you covered, you started your first semester and don't know the city, they got you there too and if you just needed a clue, the Mirror had that too.

With that said it is a sad day for Montreal when we lose another piece of the pie that makes this city so great. Money isn't everything, it can't buy you happiness but for the big wigs at Sun Media, it's enough of a factor to close down something that was worth more than just some final line on a budget. It was a place where people spoke their minds, people got discovered and a guy like me; who works in radio, can be a featured person and make his family proud.

So goodbye to the Montreal Mirror, thank you for being there, thank you for loving us and we will never forget you.