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Welcome to that time of the year where the sun shines bright and a wild, creative, euphoric, and unpredictable three-week party takes in full stride. #FringeBuzz is beginning to take the city by storm and we’re here to keep you company!

CJLO has been blazing with extensive coverage of this year’s St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival as they celebrate their 25th Silver Anniversary. Whether you are new to the Fringe or you have been a patron of this one-of-a-kind summer experience, we got you covered.

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I mean, you know who Tranna Wintour is right?

The readers of CULT MTL voted Tranna among the hottest and best dressed Montrealers with a killer Instagram account to boot. She is also performing at The Wiggle Room as a part of the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, so if you don’t know who Tranna Wintour is, now is a good time to find out!

What is Pouzza Fest, Really?

Pouzza Fest is just a baby in the musical festival world. It has been around a mere five years, but in that short time it has skyrocketed in popularity. This three-day festival showcases punk bands from just about everywhere. This brings us to Pouzza's goal and ultimate message: Punk is still alive, and whoever said it was dead is stupid. Okay maybe that isn't necessarily a quote from their organizer Hugo Lecurie, or even something anyone has said, or necessarily their mission statement. Nonetheless, the festival proves that PUNK is not just a passing trend. It is a lifestyle, an attitude... but sometimes punk still has this really bad rep. 


Hozier, Ballet and the Death of an Artist

Dance is one of the lesser consumed cultural products, and ballet especially is still seen as a niche market. While it's true that ballet is not for everyone, it hardly tries to be (so much so in fact that often certain types of bodies are actively excluded from it). Ballet and pop culture mixes are rare, and this is no accident, as ballet projects an image of being above popular culture. This is why the other day I was surprised, yet excited when I stumbled upon this video.


Pouzza Fest 2015 - Seeing Pouzza Through Fresh Eyes

Photo: Simone & Annette

Simone Grenier was born in Quebec but has spent most of her life living in Corsica, a French island located on the Mediterranean Sea. Her parents made one hell of a good decision. Although the island is owned by France, it is closer in region to Northern Italy. A few years ago, Grenier decided at the young age of 18 to move back to the city she barely remembered—Montreal. This summer will be her last here, and she wanted to share with us her personal Pouzza festival experience. She is fan of punk, her favourite band is Guerilla Poubelle and in this write up/farewell she compares the differences and similarities within the North American and European music scenes.

Pouzza Fest 2015 >> Photos

The fifth edition of Pouzza Fest, Montreal's punk music festival, kicked off the summer festival season. Or should I say, slammed and surfed over the Victoria Day weekend. Taking place at several locations spread out through downtown Montreal and the red light district. Headlining the festival was Municipal Waste, and this year the outdoor stage featured more bands than ever, with such notables as The Bruce Lee Band and The Planet Smashers.

Counting Crows + Twin Forks @ Metropolis

Friday, May 15, 2015 - Presented by Evenko

Montreal Sketchfest - 10th Anniversary!

Montreal has no shortage of festivals. There are so many in fact that some might not even land on your radar screen. Don't let that be the case with the upcoming Montreal Sketchfest! From May 21st to the 30th, Le Nouveau International is producing the 10th Anniversary of Montreal Sketchfest at Theatre St. Catherine (264 Sainte-Catherine E.) and the Montreal Improv Theatre (3697 Saint-Laurent). For those of you who are not familiar with sketch comedy, think Saturday Night Live or This Hour Has 22 Minutes – short vignettes of crazy characters, designed for maximum laughs in quick succession.

Op-ed: Is firing the men involved in the FHRITP debacle appropriate?

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