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My Playwright Sister

My Playwright Sister, written and performed by Johanna Nutter and James Diamond, directed by Jesse Strong

Sometimes I see shows so amazing that they make me want to quit acting altogether, because how could I ever do something that honest, that open or that true? Of course, My Playwright Sister isn't necessarily straight theatre, and Johanna Nutter and James Diamond aren't acting per se. While this show may not fit some notions of what theatre is, it is captivating nonetheless.

The Bunny the Bear - Food Chain

Victory Records veterans The Bunny the Bear bring on the weird for their fifth studio album, Food Chain. As with previous albums, Matthew "The Bunny" Tybor takes on the lion's share—or "bunny's share"—of the songwriting responsibilities. After a short departure, Chris "The Bear" Hutka returns to lend his clean vocals to this sonic clusterfuck.

Have Metal, Will Travel: Kvelertak in Ottawa & NYC


A couple of Sundays ago, a friend and I made one of the best/worst decisions in recent memory. Norwegian mixed metal arts masters Kvelertak delivered a swift karate chop of heavy rock to the chest of Canada's capital city, and we, at the cost of sleep, sanity and safety, had ringside seats. That's the good stuff, but more about that later.

Eternal Husbands - Eternal Husbands

Matt Leddy and Rick Reid, who call Montreal home, are the musical duo that make up Eternal Husbands. The two musicians have been creating music together for years under various monikers and, once their former and most recent band City Streets called it quits in the spring of 2013, they came together once again and subsequently released the Eternal Husbands EP in August of the same year.