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Young Magic

Beansie, host of Maiden Voyage (Mondays 5-6 pm) spoke with Melati from the band Young Magic about their latest album, Breathing Statues.

Maiden Voyage: What was the process like in creating your sophomore album Breathing Statues? Did you find that things changed in the way that you approached recording the second time around or was it very similar to the creative process for your debut album, Melt?

Polaris Music Prize 2014 // Short List

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Here are the 10 short-list nominees for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize, in alphabetical order by artist:

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II, written and directed by Mike Delamont

Not your typical theology

Ocean Opera

Ocean Opera, script and music by Alex Gelfand, produced by Ah! La la Productions

A spontaneous ride that intersects heart, humour and soul.

Ocean Opera is a musical adventure in its own right. The treacherous waters we call life can be as scary. But after watching this play, you may want to consider these characters you'll see as your trusty companions to keep you alright on lonely nights. And dare I say, this journey never runs out of luscious rhythm and rhyme?

Who sues a superhero?!

Housebum: A Superhero On Trial! written by Jean-François Michaud and François Morin, and directed by MaskVsTitle

High Tea

High Tea, written by James Brown & Jamesy Evans, directed by David MacMurray Smith

James & Jamesy, the critically acclaimed comedy duo from England, have brought their show entitled High Tea to the Montreal Fringe Festival. They model themselves after Monty Python and Mr. Bean type characters, and incorporate a lot of physical humour and totally bizarre sketches that seem to be going nowhere, but end up turning into an epic journey. 

Exploring what it means to be a man

Hue Man: He Volution, written, directed, and choreographed by T.Anthony Marotta 

What does it take to be a man, or even a manly man? Are these tropes still relevant at a time where we're experiencing a tremendous change in the way we express our identity? Dabbling for the right answer can sometimes feel like walking through a land mine. But it doesn't have to be. That's what Hue Man: He Volution brings to the table.

Le Morpillon—Ce N'était Pas Un Soulier de Verre

Le Morpillon—Ce N'était Pas Un Soulier de Verre, written by Alexandre Larouche, and directed by Jean Belzil-Gascon & Jonathan Bédard

Of Nova Scotia and Weddings

Drag Queen Stole My Dress, written by Gillian English, directed by Chris Gibbs