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Lisa LeBlanc - Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted

Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted is the newest release by musician Lisa LeBlanc. According to LeBlanc, this six track EP was inspired by her travels through the U.S. in the beat generation tradition. It consists of five original tracks and her take on the American folk song "Katie Cruel". This EP surges ahead with a raw and at times grungy musical aesthetic, which is propelled by Lisa's powerful and pleading vocals. 

Shaheed & DJ Supreme @ Lit Lounge, New York City

CMJ Music Marathon Communicating Vessels Showcase

Black Dahlia Murder + Suicide Silence + Chelsea Grin @ Club Soda

Presented by Extensive Enterprise

Well, well, well. Another autumn rolls around and you Montreal metal fans generally know what that means: The Black Dahlia Murder returns. This time around, the crazy fellows co-headlined a set with Suicide Silence, supported by openers Chelsea Grin and Alterbeast at Club Soda on October 7th. Unleash the Miasma and let your veins jolt back to life (pushing the fluids of the damned and all that song reference jazz).

CMJ 2014: Julie's Adventures in New York City

I am slowly recovering from my general malaise contracted in the city more famously known as New York City (big big city equals germs germs germs). I had a whirlwind petite adventure during the 2014 edition of the CMJ Music Marathon in October.

SBTRKT @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre

Presented by Electro | Osheaga

SBTRKT (pronounced "subtract"), also known as Aaron Jerome, was in Montreal on Thursday, October 30th at the Corona Theatre doing a DJ set and playing the piano. He was supported by two drummers, and one played the tambourine. Going for his usual anonymous look, SBTRKT wore an elusive ceremonial tribal mask (designed by "Hidden Place") representing the spiritual panther-esque animal featured on his albums.

Royal Canoe + The Elwins + APigeon @ La Sala Rossa

Presented by Indie Montreal

Has anyone out there heard of Indie Montreal yet? It is a great local organization that promotes indie bands from all over Canada. On October 30th I went to their showcase at La Sala Rossa with headliners Royal Canoe supported by The Elwins and APigeon.

Spooky Tales

Happy Halloween! Here's a CJLO Ghost Story

Eluveitie + Týr + Metsatöll @ Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile

Man, soggy autumns make my bones itch to run through the misty woods by moonlight, naked as a jaybird and drunk as a skunk. Fortunately, we as a species have devised many canny outlets for such urges, and so on Saturday, October 18th I brought my primal hindbrain on down to the Corona Theatre for an evening of folk-metal fun times. The fact that I came back alive should not be taken as disparagement.

CMJ Music Marathon 2014 - Day 1 Recap

Photo: Lazer/Wulf @ The Acheron in New York, October 21, 2014

Ah yes, the first day of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. First on the agenda, walk from SoHo up to NYU to register and pick up my badge. I never get over the strange juxtaposition of the old, I guess converted, church next to a large 12 storey or so building. Oh New York, you so crazy.

CJLO Investigates Normcore

In this new series, the CJLO Magazine investigates subcultures and various "cores". First up, Sarah Stupar from Best of the West discusses the origins of Normcore.