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Ty Segall + La Luz + The Nymphets @ Club Soda

Photo by the illustrious Susan Moss, courtesy of POP Montreal

The hot ticket at POP Montreal this year was undoubtedly Saturday night's triple bill at Club Soda. A sold-out crowd gathered on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Ste-Catherine street, amongst the hookers and hustlers, ready to show their love for the garage psych powerhouse, Ty Segall and his band.

Ty Segall & Mikey Heppner meet Psi Factor & the Cougar

POP Symposium and SOCAN present: Psi Factor & The Cougar with Ty Segall, Mikey Heppner, and Songs

Dog Fashion Disco - Sweet Nothings (Rotten 2014)

Sweet Nothings is the seventh studio album from the freshly-reunited Maryland metal maestros, Dog Fashion Disco.

If the movie Three Men and a Baby starred George Clinton, Al Jourgensen, and Mike Patton instead of Guttenberg, Selleck, and Danson—that baby would have grown up to become Sweet Nothings. But that doesn't even begin to explain how eclectic this album is. A full detailed description of the audible influences would take much more than the few hundred words I've been allotted, so I'll try to sum it up like this:

An Interview with Heathers!

Photo: Laurence Philomène

Beansie Saretsky from CJLO's Maiden Voyage (Monday 5-6 PM) caught up with local three-piece Heathers to chat about the Montreal music scene, riot grrrl, and the tunes that inspire them.


How did Heathers get started as a band?

Osheaga 2014

All photos courtesy of Osheaga

Defining the Fantasia Experience

Fantasia, what is it that makes you so cool?

Young Magic

Beansie, host of Maiden Voyage (Mondays 5-6 pm) spoke with Melati from the band Young Magic about their latest album, Breathing Statues.

Maiden Voyage: What was the process like in creating your sophomore album Breathing Statues? Did you find that things changed in the way that you approached recording the second time around or was it very similar to the creative process for your debut album, Melt?

Polaris Music Prize 2014 // Short List

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Here are the 10 short-list nominees for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize, in alphabetical order by artist:

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II, written and directed by Mike Delamont

Not your typical theology

Ocean Opera

Ocean Opera, script and music by Alex Gelfand, produced by Ah! La la Productions

A spontaneous ride that intersects heart, humour and soul.

Ocean Opera is a musical adventure in its own right. The treacherous waters we call life can be as scary. But after watching this play, you may want to consider these characters you'll see as your trusty companions to keep you alright on lonely nights. And dare I say, this journey never runs out of luscious rhythm and rhyme?