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For the Love of Pie

For the Love of Pie, written and directed by Melissa Paulson

For the Love of Pie is a one-woman show written, directed, and performed by Melissa Paulson. It tells the story of Georgia Peach, the ambitious pie chef who hopes to increase her fame by impressing her new producers on the season finale of the LoveNetworkFoodShow. Georgia's biggest fan is her little son Sylvester, a darling character that reminds us all about the wonderful freedom and innocence that many children have in their manners.

Last Metro: The Musical

Last Metro: The Musical, written by Kelly Walker, Holly Brace-Lavoie and Lori Walker; directed by Kelly Walker

I'm a nomad at heart. I confess that I live and breathe the fast-paced urban journey from suburb to city, from Point A to Point B, all on a daily basis. That's why it shouldn't be a surprise that Last Metro: The Musical stood out as one of my first picks to watch at this year's Fringe Fest

EMUNAH: Looking into what we feel and what we believe in

EMUNAH, written by Collective Creation, directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, and produced by H-Dubbs Productions


EMUNAH is a 45-minute play that shows us what it means to be human, and how faith navigates us through that personal journey, in learning who we are and knowing what we want. 

Because talking about life can always be a touchy topic.

James Mullinger is Living The Dream

James Mullinger is Living The Dream, written by James Mullinger

Pouzza Fest 2014

--Photography by Robert Portnoff. Clifton Hanger hosts Brave New Jams, every Saturday 10-midnight on CJLO.

The fourth edition of the punk music extravaganza known as Pouzza Fest started on a soggy note, with the constant showers cancelling the free outdoor shows. All the rain, and the red light district mixing with the punk atmosphere reminded me of the line in Taxi Driver, "someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets."

The Midnight Living Room Lounge Show

The Midnight Living Room Lounge Show, written and directed by Daniel Carin & Chris Sandiford

The Midnight Living Room Lounge Show is a delightful trip into the swanky shared living space of two eccentric Las Vegas crooners.

IMO (In My Opinion)

IMO (In My Opinion), written by Jess Salomon

The headline on Jess Salomon's personal webpage reads, "writer, comedian, family disappointment". She left behind her career as a war crimes lawyer for the United Nations to become a comedian, and her new act, IMO (In My Opinion), marks her third year performing stand-up at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

A post-modern burlesque for a post-modern audience

Turning Tricks, written by Glam Gam Productions, choreography by Gabrielle Coulter, directed by Michael J. McCarthy and Hannah Morrow

From Japan with Love

Cherry Typhoon and her Burlesque Ninja

Cherry Typhoon and her Burlesque Ninja, written and directed by Cherry Typhoon, choreography by Cherry Typhoon and her burlesque ninja