Abby "Too Many Nicknames to list" Schachter

Straight to the point, when Abby started at CJLO some of us thought she was a little.... eccentric, but we all loved her. She helped on the news team, cohosted and then began her own weekly show and was an all around great volunteer. It was almost kismet when Abby applied for the Volunteer Coordinator. She helped organize and guide other members of CJLO in finding task to help the station run smoother. But enough from us, let's see what eccentric answers Abby had for the DJ Of The Week Questionnaire.

What is your DJ alias? & what are its origins?

I am pretty sure I am the dj with the most Alias's/dj names. People just enjoy labelling me I guess, or maybe I have a personality disorder and I don't know who I am. Or I'm indecisive or something, I don't know..what do you think, am I right.

Schachter the Reaktor - Nickname I got in college because I broke a Mac computer on my first day of digital design. The I.t.t guy literally wheeled it away on a trolley and I had no computer for the remainder of class.

Stabby Abby - I don't do that anymore. There is even a Gazette article that quotes me saying that.

Shankin Schachter - CJLO' s Program Director, Brian Joseph came up with that one, I like it's classier than stabby and I feel the need to say it with a cockney accent!

Starr-Girl - Another DJ called me that because I tend to zone out sometimes, especially when I am near a window or listening to music. As a kid Teachers had to keep me away from 'distracting windows'

Dj Melting Starr -It's my dj name for the new show The Meltdown. Kind of explains itself. We melt and so do stars.

Dj Busy Beez
-  some friends of mine call me B or Beez as a nickname and during exam time at school I become busy Beez a girl on the verge of a breakdown!

What is your show name?

The Reaktor.
What genre?

It's a shizophrenic show that showcases local talent.It's a bit of everything. I play what is new,fun and what the listeners want to hear or what I think they would like whether it is rpm,rock,metal,punk,indie or the occasional hip hop track!

How long have you been at CJLO?

Three crazy lovable years

What is the best thing about working at CJLO?

The Music and the peoples and the fact that we are an underground station, we give local talent the opportunity to be heard on the airwaves and are exposed to the most amazing music and shows.

Describe your show as a potential life partner. What are its qualities?

It's moody, upbeat, offbeat, fun, reliable, energetic with a hint of mental illness.

Two reasons you host a show

1) I love talking and  I love talking about music and expressing my opinion on the airwaves!
2) One of the best parts of hosting is discovering new music and doing live sets/interviews with up and coming bands!

What do you think makes your show unique?

I play as much music as possible, and I take requests. If you call me and request a song I will do my best to play it. My show is also very music oriented I don't spend an hour talking about my day, nobody cares about that. I talk about events and music and have a random complaint about STM now and then! Also I love showcasing local talent. So if you're in a band and want some publicity or promo, just be nice and e-mail me.

If you weren't doing your show, in what other ways would you express yourself?

I'd probably stand outside on a box with a mega phone and pretend to be broadcasting on the air.

What was the biggest turning point in your musical journey?

Discovering how awesome Can-Con is. No joke, Canadian music get's a bad rep and prior to coming to CJLO I thought most Can Con was horrible and I only knew of Tegan and Sara. Now if you ask me to name five  Canadian bands off the top of my head that I love,  I could  name at least  twenty that I think are amazing.

Fill in the blanks
If I could travel back in time and bring back anyone, I would bring back Freddy Mercury. Because He is my favorite singer/musician /artist of all time and I would love to interview him and talk about authenticity in music and how important originality is in music. Plus I'd think he'd be a fun dinner./concert/party mate!

What are your 2 favorite albums of all time?

Fleetwood Mac: Rumours

The Clash : London Calling
I know I'm adding this but I must!!
Fav album of this year =Janelle Monae Arch Android.

What is the one piece of technology you cannot live without?

My stupid I-phone because it is also an i-pod but if I had to choose phone or i-pod, I'd choose i-pod

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Bubbly, Entertaining,  Bacon-Lover