Melissa "Wall-e" Mulligan

Name: Melissa Mulligan

Show: Currently Concordia

Genre: News

How long have you been at CJLO? : For about a year and a half now I believe.

What is the best thing about working at CJLO? : Definitely the limitless learning opportunities the station provides for students. I go to the station, I’m all, “Hey, I wanna be a news producer.” They’re like, “Let’s teach you how to use the soundboard.” I say, “Wait, I also wanna be a famous DJ.” They say, “Cool, here’s an application, let me show you how the DJ booth works.” Also, they have a super sweet crew of people in the office you get to annoy every time you stop by the station.

Describe your show as a potential life partner. What are its qualities? : Um, I’d have to say that my show is already EXACTLY like my desired life partner. Smart, witty, full of incredibly interesting stories and experiences, sometimes a bit awkward, but overall fun, engaging and totally enjoyable to spend time with. My only qualm is that we only see each other one hour a week (11am-noon on Fridays).

Two reasons why you do your show? :

1)      Because I have an inherent desire to provide interesting and entertaining media content for the people of the world/Concordia University (which I hope my show will succeed in providing) AND

2)      Because I love hearing the sound of my own voice. Sue me.

What do you think makes your show? : What “Makes” my show? Hmmm…Interesting question. Like I guess audio frequencies and lots of but seriously. I think that what really “makes” the show is the amazing collaboration between the incredible crew of people we have involved with Currently Concordia. Since we have a beautiful diversity of segments, we also have a group that reflects this diversity. Every person involved brings a fresh and unique element to the show’s content and production, and this is what I think distinguishes us from other programs.

If you weren't doing your show, in what other ways would you express yourself? : I.E. Painter, Soapbox on Ste Catherine etc…

You know, I’ve asked myself, “What obligations could I complete if I just took the time that I invest in Currently Concordia and directed its use elsewhere?” But honestly, the reality is that I would probably just spend those hours dancing in front of my mirror like I do the other 5 hours a day that I don’t have class. Or else I’d be mentally preparing myself for an EPIC rap battle that I have always believed will take place between me and a famous rapper one day at a party. That way, I can school the rapper, win eternal street cred, and then right after I bust my last rhyme, I’ll bust a supa sweet move.

What was the biggest turning point in your musical journey? : When all of my iTunes got erased in the 10th grade. 3000 songs gone in the blink of an eye. I tried to download them all again but realized that I didn’t remember a lot of the artists and songs I had. I started to listen to a bunch of new songs and artists that I had never heard before that were recommended online as being similar to my existing tastes in music. That’s when I really started developing my musical taste buds, and in doing so, I stumbled upon countless new genres and artists that I found to be delicious.

If I could travel back in time and bring back anyone, I would bring back :Shakespeare.
Often in my school essays I try to employ “words” that should be actual words in the English language, but aren’t recognized as such. For example, a Prof took a point off of an essay I wrote because I used the word “Performative.” It was literally the ONLY word that worked in the context of the sentence, and I was appalled to discover that it wasn’t actually a word in the dictionary (although totally has it). I would take Shakespeare to my class, have him explain how he personally “made-up” thousands of now legitimate words out of linguistic necessity, and demand that the Professor restore my deducted point.

Name your 2 favorite albums of all time:  

Off the top of my head, “Absolution” by “Muse”… that was my teen angst album for a while there. And “Word of Mouf” by “Ludacris”…. This was the first rap CD I ever owned, I was ten years old I think, and I had the censored version. But I totally knew and added in all the missing swear words, like a rebel.

What is the one piece of technology you cannot live without? : I guess the best answer would be Electricity. I have bad eyesight as it is and candle wax hurts. But if you want a more “contemporary” example, I’d have to say my computer. Just because it has the capacity of multiple technologies. I can write, read, photograph, paint, message and call people, I can even use it as a giant lightbulb when my electricity goes out. That is until the battery dies….then I revert to my initial answer.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Hilariously Hyperactive Enthusiast