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Hey Midnight Lovers,

Check out this mix I (DJ Jackeee) made recently - the first one in over three years - which takes the theme of R&B/Hip-Hop songs that talk about wine. Wine? Yeah, a seemingly growing trend in hiphop culture - especially the ever-popular (almost half of my mix) fruity white wine variety, Moscato. One thing I found interesting in putting together this mix is that rappers drinking wine provides a much more personal relationship and sexual context to their songs - even more prevalent when they're sipping on my personal preference of the two, red wine. 

If you do some research you can find all sorts of blurbs about the rising popularity of wine in hip-hop, but usually centre around champagne and Moscato. This variety is so popular among this culture...

Pitchfork is letting you listen to Sean Nicholas Savage's newest album 'Other Life', which is out on May 28th on Arbutus Records.

Follow the linky for the sounds


You can pre-order the album now on www.arbutusrecords.com




For too long have I kept this little gem to myself. Recorded back in June during my trip to NXNE, this 6-song snippet is something I shouldn't keep from the world. 

I recorded this during NXNWyrd - a three-day alternative / subpart to one of Canada's largest summer music festivals, NXNE in Toronto. On the final day of this mini-fest, we enjoyed rather intimate sets by Montreal's TOPS and Sean Nicholas Savage - two of my favorite Arbutus artists who pretty much were my entire festival experience, as I joined them from BBQ to party to venue to BBQ to party again. 

Either way, I was smart enough to turn on a recording of all, a third or halfway through Sean's set and catch some of the best stuff to hear during that weekend in Toronto.

Hope everyone enjoy's it...

Hey guys! A pal here in Montreal is currently finishing up his first film and is working really hard to make it the best as possible! Not that it won't be, but he is out here in the world looking for dollars for sound production and finishing and the cool soundtrack by local coolguy Dirty Beaches. I am not the best at saying what he needs, so if you want a little peak at exactly what a nice thing he is working on, check out the trailer and all other information below! I think i embedded it, but if not here is the link : http://www.indiegogo.com/WATERPARK-Sound-Design

I like this guy and he is a great cinematographer, I've always meant to blogger about his work,...

This guy is a good guy. His music is so neat! I was very happy to have him visit Montreal from far off Saskatoon, but I was even happier to have him come play some tunes on my show! He brought A WHOLE WHACK of gear from Saskky and played a good set at La Brique the same day he got in. ANyways, here is him playing a few songs live on midnight love affair, and hope you enjoy! i even filmed a song, so enjoy that too!

VIDEO!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWhBEVq0_94

 Track Listing: