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Well done. Video speaks for itself

Tyler | WolfGang | GolfWang

Producer Jnerio Jarel & MC MF DOOM make up JJ Doom and release a collabo that has people wanting a Sophomore album. Check out the video for one of my fav tracks off of KEY TO THE KUFFS; Guv'Nor

Kendra Morris may have stolen the show with her album Banshee. When your name is linked to the likes of DJ Premier and Johnny Mathis, you are automatically on people’s radar. Primo is considered one of the best if not the best at what he does and covering a Johnny Mathis song is no small task. Kendra Morris has proven she has the gift, the song “Concrete Waves” made a big splash last year and her cover of Mathis’ “No Love (But Your Love)” has been making the rounds on the blogosphere and the feedback has been nothing but positive.


When she isn't winning waacking dance battles, local songstress Samantha "Sam I Am" Hinds is making music. A powerful, soulful voice that stands out in a crowd, Samantha has been making tracks for sometime now. She recently released three singles on her bandcamp as a teaser for... well tune in on Da Cypha, Tuesday August 14th for what comes next.


On Tuesday August 7th tune in to the Phantastiq Cypha as Conn Shawnery drops by to discuss his new album CS02:CONNDUCTION and what else he has planned for the near future. Don't thnk you can wait a week, check out Conn's bandcamp and his twitter to keep up on everything.

Phantastiq Cypha - Tuesday August 7th, 6pm EDT on CJLO 1690AM or...

Click the pic to download podcast

Chance The Rapper comes to Montreal to open for Childish Gambino and stops by CJLO Radio to talk about his mixtape #10Day & #Savemoney Crew.


Have you ever asked yourself, how do I stop smoking? Local illusionist and hypnotist David Lion will explain how he can help you kick the habit. For those of you who don’t want to stop smoking, but love illusions, magic, mysticism and exploring the unknown, we’ll be discussing that on the Phantastiq Cypha this coming Tuesday July 31st between 6 and 8pm EDT. Catch the show on or  1690AM and Bell Fibe TV CH950 in Montreal.



No one can ever say that The Montreal Mirror wasn't a major part of this city. Love it or hate it you read it every week without fail. Those of you who didn't, well let just say you missed out; BIG. With a delicate balance of culture, politics, humour and genuine love for Montreal, the Mirror kept us all entertained and connected for the last 28 years. You didn't know what to do in the summer, they had you covered, you started your first semester and don't know the city, they got you there too and if you just needed a clue, the Mirror had that too.

With that said it is a sad day for Montreal when we...

One day I got an email from a buddy over at Stones Throw with a link to this mixtape. I downloaded it and here I am reposting it because this mixtape is that good. This was my first introduction to Jonwayne and I have, bravo. In an era of hip hop where commercial tracks are killing the industry and the underground scene is thriving from the advances in affordable technology, Jonwayne is throwing it back. His flow may not be the most orginal, but his delivery is consistant and the beats are solid, which puts him leaps and bounds ahead...

Tune in to Da Cypha Tuesday March 6th as Sarah MK comes through to discuss her upcoming show at Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill. With her album gaining much acclaim, Ms. MK is in high demand, lucky for us she's performing tomorrow.


SARAH MK @ Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

7 MARCH 2012
8:30 & 10:30-12.50$


ON THE WEB Twitter | Sarah MK Youtube | Sarah MK...

Think Dat is my favorite track off of Sarah MK's amazing CJLO chart topping album Worth It . Sarah's beautiful voice, Montreal's own Tristan D. Lalla talent and a great video by Evan Shuster and Benoit Daoust make this a not to miss production. Check it out, enjoy it, share it and support independent music.

Music video by Sarah MK performing Think Dat. Music production by Jordan Peters.

Benoit Daoust for


Take a pause from your day and remember that no matter what, if people work hard enough they can effect change.

Big thanks to local artist Narcy for helping me remember that today.

The Phantastiq Cypha is moving to another timeslot. Tune into today, Friday the 13th for our last show in the timeslot. Don't worry though, all of you can continue to catch us in our new timeslot on Tuesdays from 6 - 8pm starting January 17th.

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in and stuck with the show. I hope you'll all follow us as we make the move to our new timeslot.


Igloofest 2012 is about to start and the energy is in the air. Montreal's annual outdoor bacchanal will starts off with DJ Cosmo (resident at Get Nice Fridays) and local boy wonder A-Trak. The pair will be followed up by Mala (half of UK dubstep group Digital Mystikz).

As an opening night I have to say it isn't going to be easy to match that line up in my eyes, but that's only because I don't know most of the other names. Aside from Diplo & Tiga, I am a novice in the world of Techno & Electro music but if ever there was a year to get into it... this will be it. Check out...


Tune in to the Da Cypha this Friday May 20th, as Montreal's own Veteran DJ and radio host extraordinaire, Dj BuddahBlaze, stops by. He'll bring Mnjivr & Doc his special blend of hip-hop and discuss the local hip hop scene in Montreal. For those who don't know, BuddahBlaze is also the DJ for local artist The Narcicyst and  Dshade. So, don't miss it!

BuddaBlaze Djing for the Narcicyst's & Live at "Get Nice" (Every Friday @ Blizzarts)


Last Tuesday, Tech N9ne perform for the first time in Montréal, to a sold out crowd at Le Belmont! Together with Krizz kaliko, they put on one of the best show I've seen. They went on for almost two hours to the crowd's delight. Doc Holidae, News Director Erica Fisher and I where on hand for the show. Tune in today for a full recap of the night and how we got on Tech N9ne's tour bus. Here are a few photos and a link to the whole set!

To see the full set of pictures, go to:












This week both David Dallas and Mayer Hawthorne released free music, which one will you download?
Correct Answer: Both, they're free

He has sold a million units as an independent

He does the music because he loves it

He reps his hometown but makes everyone feel at home with his style

Tech N9ne has been in the game since the mid 80's and hasn't stopped.

In the midst of it all, he has managed to start a family, find love, balance his life and the "hip hop" lifestyle

If you haven't gotten your ticket to Tech N9ne @ Le Belmont May 10th, buy them now before it sells out


It all started with a message from Brian Hastie, host of Countdown to Armageddon. He knew I was a huge Tech N9ne fan and word was out that Tech was coming to Montreal. This wasn't the first time I heard rumours of Tech coming through the city, so I didn't really believe it at first. Then came the flyer, a few phone calls later I was scheduled to interview Tech in the coming weeks. Fast forward to April 29th and I'm on the phone...

I won't make this long. Hip Hop in Montreal is an ever growing scene and OG Hindu Kush is making its mark all over the city. Loe Pesci(fig 1) & Osa(fig 2) are two local artists who apart are lethal rappers that put many of their battle opponents in the ground. So what happens when you put them together.....

Tune in on Friday between 4 & 6pm and listen to Loe tell you himself.



Loe Pesci & Osa (Photo by Tanya O...

I got into my office earlier than usual today and one of the first emails I read was from Kid Sister telling folks about the upcoming Magic 8-Ball Tour w/ A-Trak. Her most recent visit to Montreal for Igloofest had everyone buzzing and she was even the cover...

I've told the story before but it's no less interesting. I was in Australia when I heard about New Zealand born hip hop artist David Dallas. Once I got back from my trip "down unda" I was more interested in international hip hop than the North American scene and went on a hunt for new stuff. From Hilltop Hoods is Oz to Soprano in France, the international scene has been making its mark.

In a a...

Gonzo Nieto

2 bonus tracks this week. ODD FUTURE..... Want to download the show... click the pic.



In 2009 Doc Holidae went to Australia and all people kept telling him was: you need to see New Zealand. Unfortunately he could not make his way over there, but lucky for us New Zealand sent over a representative; David Dallas.

Now working with Duck Down, David is making his move to start a Kiwi invasion on this side of the ocean. His recent visit to SXSW has only helped increase the buzz and with that CJLO’s Phantastiq Cypha is excited to be on the David Dallas bandwagon. We’re not only supporting David as...

This episode originally aired on Friday March 18th, 2011 Click the picture to download the episode.



Some of you may know him as D-Sisive or Derek of Northcliff but around CJLO he's known as Mr. Chartopper. Canadian hip hop has been gaininng momentum and there are many who lead the charge; Shad, Classified and of course D-sisve. So when it was announced Montreal would be host to all three in the span of 4 days, lets just say we were all more than willing to break open our wallets.

I'm not saying it's a situation of save the best for last but.... With the last show to take place Monday April 4th at...

Ruckus Fo'tet & Milla Thyme came into the Phantastiq Cypha environment and did two live tracks on air and an Interview. Catch the whole show here or click on the picture to download the show.


Need I say more? I guess I do... Download here

If you haven't heard already, get on it now. D-Sisive drops Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye and it's free. Download it Here

Free music from J*DaVeY available on their bandcamp -

Don't say I never gave you anything... Ok J*DaVeY gets the cred on this one but at least I'm pointing you in the right direction.

The EP; Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes has 5 tracks and the first one is a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". You can check that track below.

An amazing person who will forever be missed in the world of music. Let us all remember J Dilla

Just saw this and being the true nerd that I am, I have my own pair of 3D glasses in my desk at all times. Yes it's in 3D, yes it sounds epic and yes I want to pick it up on Feb 16th. You better too

Click the pic or hit the link...

I could sit here and tell you all the amazing things that Dilla has done, all the great people he has influenced, all the artists he has worked with and how much he has changed music forever... instead I'll just ask you to turn your internet dials to or your radios to 1690AM and catch Da Cypha. Sikh Knowledge will be calling in to discuss the Dilla Lives event taking place at the House of Reggae (1693A St-Denis) on Saturday Feb 5th.


So I was slow to Wiz Khalifa track but it has since grown on me and I kinda like this Citizen Cope...oops I mean Cris Cab Cover


Your favorite DJ Cosmo, from Get Nice at Blizzarts!!

A clip and pictures from Kid Sister's Set at Igloofest


This is my fave Kanye West track. When I heard this track for the first time I knew he was a talented man and had a lot to say. I worked in retail, I've felt like the token they ask to come to the...

What's this? Another mixtape from Roth and this time he's teamed up with Norfolk Virgina's Nottz Raw. In the spirit of giving and all that jazz, here is the link - 

Happy Holidays from Da Cypha

A lot of people have been asking me what I plan on doing for New Year's Eve.
Ladies & Gentlemen here it is...

I am not really the best person to ask about New Years Eve. Every year I tend to kick it with the folks, I'm old fashion like that. This year it looks like I'll be hitting Get Nice Fridays. The gods on high have set the dates up perfectly for us all to party like its 2999. It's cheap, it's fun and it's the continuation of...

Tech N9ne has been doin' this for a minute now and along the way has gained one of the largest underground fan bases in North America. So I am more than Happy to be one of those fans and pass along Tech N9ne's Bad Season Mixtape for all to enjoy. You can download by clicking here or by visiting -...

Merry Xmas

Just another reason to sign the petition for supporting the CBC.

When the best of both worlds meet ladies and gentlemen... Children of the 80's and the kids of 2000 now have something they can both relate to.

(Merci Ray Ray)

Don't let the CBC become a casualty of cutbacks, sign the petition.


The only good things to come out of Toronto are some of their hip hop artists. Here are a few featured on a track with some Van City Allstars... Just for you Ricky...and all the kids who discovered hip hop through this soung.


Last week, Blizzarts hosted, 2008 Dmc Champion, DJ Fly for their GET NICE FRIDAYS! I got a chance to catch his perfomance, here are some pics. I clip will soon follow!!



dmc16 dmc11 ...

Marco Polo, Torae & Ruste Juxx will be in Montreal on December 2nd at Le Cabaret du Mile End (5240 Parc Avenue (Corner Fairmount) in none other than Montreal. The best part... this show is just for us. The boys aren't doing a tour, they got invited and love Montreal so much that they are coming to throw it down. So listen to the interview, enjoy the convo and hit the show on December 2nd.




Already owned... I got good taste


Dream Cap... still looking

Check the whole collection here -...

He won the DMC and he is in our town... do I really need to tell you more? If that isn't enough these are some of the other people who have won the World DMC Championship Roc...


One of the most requested Cypha episode is now available for download. DJ Cosmo's 2nd visit to Da Cypha is now available for you to enjoy whenever you want. Download link below. Like what you hear on Da Cypha, tune in to all the other Hip Hop shows on CJLO.

In July I was told I would be going to Zurich Switzerland to represent CJLO & Canada at the first International Radio Festival. I almost didn't believe it but soon enough I got a confirmation and next thing I knew I was on a Swiss Air flight. I landed in Zurich on Monday September 6th at 6am CET and had to be on air at 6pm CET. I hadn't finished prepping my show, I didn't have the right adapter and I needed sleep badly. After a short nap, almost missing my ride and editing the tracks together literally minutes...

Once upon a time hip hop in Montreal was something people would laugh at? In the last 6 years Montreal has seen its hip hop scene grow in ways that many would never have thought imaginable. There are those who knew better and my guest this week is one of them.

Preach Ankobia has been reppin' Hip Hop in MTL since him and I were at Wagar High in CSL/NDG. Preach has always been a leader and now finds himself in the company of like minded individuals who see Montreal as a serious contender in the Canadian hip hop scene.

Tune in this week to the Phantastiq...

I cant write the review of the new album The Lady Killer now but I will soon. In the mean time enjoy my fav track. Bonus it'll help distract a certain someone who needs a distraction right now.


I'm not the biggest fan of this track. I feel it has a little too much going on in respect to the artist. Thoughts?

@MizzBerlyn -

Too many Urkels on your team that's why your wind's low.... that line alone makes this video worth watchin'

The scene from 10:37 to 24:44 reminds me of ...

I know, Doc, has mentioned it few times on air, that I'm the station's ''photog'' and I also do work for So, I get to see a lot of great shows and take some pics. You've seen my pics here on the website, also on the CJLO's facebook and Flickr pages. Here are some slide shows of my favourite concerts so far!!

In order: Public Enemy at the club soda; Poirier at le Belmont; The Roots at the Metropolis. The last one is a mix package,Lionel richie, Shad, Gil Scott Heron. They were take during the opening evening of the Montreal international jazz fest.


While Doc Holidae and the CJLO Crew are at the CMJ in NYC, they should watch out for ETs!! This happened last week! But you never, they may still be around!!??? 

I have said time and time again how much I love the song Hamdulillah by The Narcicyst and then they make a video that is simple but very beautiful. With some big name acts & Montreal locals...

Leave your comments below and enjoy the videos

Original 76 STCUM AD Parody 10 Project Montreal AD ...

New and amazing... Canada's talent is endless and this is just one of many examples of that.

Woke up this morning and logged into Facebook to find out about this new video by X33 aka Mandeep Sethi over a Sikh Knowledge beat... Bank of Mount Real still killin' it worldwide.


ARTIST:: X33 aka Mandeep Sethi Download More...

As a proud owner of some 10 Expos Fitted I support this track...And its just a damn hot track too.


Experience A Monthly Showcase Like None Other From The CIC Family & Dance To The Newest Hottest Records From Local & International Artists Before Anyone Else Does, Spun By The Best DJs Montreal Has To Offer...


Saturday September 11th 2010

Le Consulat (1442 De Bleury)

Doors Open @ 9pm

Show Starts @ 10pm

New Video by local artist David Hodges. Check him out online @

Day 2 at Fan Expo can sometimes be a little heavy and that is putting it lightly. In 2009 the Expo brought in 59,245 fans over the span of three days and Saturdays easily makes up for more than half of the attendance. Friday is usually the second biggest day and sets the tone for what Saturdays will be like. This year by closing on Friday everyone (sellers and fans alike) were saying that the Friday crowd was like a Saturday crowd. With a projected attendance of over 65,000 in 2010 the line ups on Friday were a good thing. It meant that...

After a stop at McDonalds for breakfast and Taco Bell for lunch our rag tag bunch of 7 made it to the Sherton on Queen a few blocks north of the Toronto Metro Convention center. We checked in,  got our media passes and watched as more kids, teens and adults piled into the North wing of the convention center (the convention is usually in the larger south wing) than I've ever seen. As I made my first rounds I found myself at the Marvel booth talking to C.B. Cebulski for a quick minute and then caught Dan Didio; head honcho over at DC. I checked out the Tron exhibition...

If the title didn't say it... all the song will.

Rhuk One, host of former CJLO Hip Hop show extraordinaire Scarborough Sessions has returned to the air and his first assignment; interview the one and only Pigeon Hole. When the opportunity to interview both Dusty & Marmalade of Pigeon Hole came about, Doc Holidae couldn't do it, but he got the next best thing (some would say the best option but that...

NSFW - Lyrical Content....Unless you work in a chill office and they are okay with someone yelling F**k You over your speakers.


Remember when k-Os released his first album and said it would be the only one. Now 4 albums deep and 2 Compilations later he's releasing a free mixtape. Download Here and enjoy.

Thanks to Brandon from So Real Radio for introducing me to this. Yes the "Who Do You Trust" tagline is from Marvel's Secret Invasion mini series.

Big thanks to Classi Assi for introducing me to this song.
"I will feather your head"?


Download - Here

Failure to download will result in severe bout of depression, lost of sexual appetite and possible erectile dysfunction. Joking aside, Laws is sick and you need to hear his music... it's free so why not.

My job is to pass along the videos you should be viewing


CJLO brought some of the boys from Stones Throw awhile back and I got to see Mayer Hawthorne do his thing. Now you can too.


I'm a sucker for a catchy hip hop track.

And here is the original track by Coconut Records.


You heard the interview (if not check it out on the selected audio section) and now you can stay up to date with all things Joyanne by following her social medias. Another reason not to get rid of Facebook.


I missed him the last time he was here and I am not going to miss him again. ?uestlove of The Roots and essentially the rhythm section for your hip hop needs will be doing a set over at Balroom Bar (3643 St Laurent) on Wednesday June 30th. Get ready for a sick night.

More info check

I just came back from NXNE and while I was there got the chance to chill with Wordburglar. After finding out he is as big a comic book fan as I am, we got to talking about hip hop; another favorite we have in common. He mentioned a show he would be hosting and gave me a flyer.... after seeing the line up I was set to go, then I saw the date and realized I would be back in Montreal.

Just because I can't go doesn't mean the rest of you shouldn't be checking it out in the GTA. So pull out your TTC pass, catch a "subway" and head over to College between Robert St....

If you haven't caught the Killa Jewel episode of Da Cypha check out the Guest - DJ Killa Jewel audio in Selected Audio section. As for the events her and I discussed on the show

Sunday June 6

*** featured as part of the Montreal Academy of Music's 15th anniversary gala ***

Vanessa Rodrigues - Hammond B3 organ
Olivier Rene-de-Cotret - guitar
Jean-Pierre Levesque - drums
MC BluRum13 - rap/vocals
DJ Killa-Jewel - turntables (pictured)





IN-STORE AT OFF THE HOOK (1021 Ste-Catherine O.)



@ 6PM



That's right folks on January 15th there was a solar eclipse and unfortunately it was not visible here in Montreal. Mind you if I had to choose between an eclipse that could cause me to go blind or DJ Eclipse (who might cause me to go deaf) I would probably go with the latter.

DJ Eclipse has been holding down radio for a long time and when he wasn't  hosting in some form he's been reppin' hip hop in a number of other ways....

I didn't get to show the same love I usually show my guest so this blog is post interview. Big shoutouts to Chedo from The Come Up Show for the hookup with Louwop. I've posted about Louwop in the past and have been tellin' people to give him a listen. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on the show this past Friday (Cypha 05-14-10 Guest - Louwop in Selected Audio section on Cypha blog). The interview (better yet conversation) was great and I hope to have Louwop back. If we'...

I am one of the biggest supporters of the digital music movement. Don't get me wrong ,I love a good album cover as much as the next person but I don't think it's necessary... then album covers like this come along and all I can do is wait patiently to get my hands on a copy. Yes I want this album, not only because Marco Polo is amazing (and Canadian... CANADA STAND UP) but the art work is sick. I promise myself a year ago I would only by music digitally and now this is going to be the 3rd album after Freeway & Jake One's Wallet packaging and the...

I've been to 2 Droppin' Knowledge shows and never been let down. May 14th won't be any different. Why should you be going? cause it's FREE, actually that just icing on the cake. Go because you love Hip Hop.

DJ Cosmo Myspace -

Flying Lotus Myspace -

The word Cosmos means many things in many places; in Russian it essential means space, in Chinese it translates to yuzhou which means space-time and its root word κόσμος is ancient Greek for ordered world. Cosmos is the counterpoint to chaos and in 2010 DJ Cosmo is the answer to the chaos that is a Montreal Friday night. In a city that sometimes has so much going on that people never know what to do; DJ Cosmo has come to help make things a little easier. His...

Once again I have nothing to say but thank you to Sofa King Raw & EscapeMTL for pulling in another quality act.
















First I get the new Louwop single featuring Divine Brown Stay Building (listen below), then I got word of the Shad (K?) track and video Yaa I Get It (above via...

The internet has almost no filter. The other day a friend was telling me about the ass end of the internet, a site that has the worst and most disgusting things you could ever imagine in one place. I have yet to visit this horrid place, every time I think about it I picture the "If the Internet was a real place" skit on The Chapelle Show. However sometimes there are actual things that should be given the time of day even if it might disturb the masses. So on this April 28th I give to you (via vimeo) M.I.A.'s new music video. It's 9 minutes long but interesting. Enjoy



I’m excited to tell you all that this Friday April 23rd Döc is doing another great interview just for you the people. This week’s live phoner will be with Canadian Hip Hop artist Gee Wunder. For those who have not heard Gee Wunder… your loss. For those who have here is a link to the free download of his new album For the People (Street Album III) - and one of his latest videos.


Why? Because I love this song... and some of y'all slept on it.

It's here, the video a lot of us kids have been waiting for. Another Great Canadian Moment. Enjoy

After watching Drake's new video for Over I found myself wondering... is it over? Is the hype over? I'm not saying that the novelty has worn off, I'm just asking what everyone else thinks? is proud to present...

For his first performance in Montreal!!







Need I say more? Ok one more.

Want a sneak peak at what its all about? Download the Avenging Eagles...

Haven't posted a video here in awhile... mostly because I haven't see any I wanted to post. Ok maybe that Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey video was kinda fun to watch but this is CJLO and I dont do Hip-Pop.



Word on the street is Twitter can work magic and I agree. So far I've met Levar Burton, got shoutouts from 9th Wonder and now I'm organizing my 5th interview through the site. In this day and age of the global village, Twitter is helping people connect with their fans and in my case connecting with great artist. If you've caught the show or have been following me on twitter you've heard the name Rico Blox and now you'll...

Let the interview speak for itself.
Want more RJD2 info hit up his site -
And as always Döc Holidæ is pushing the twitter:

◄--The Good / The Bad ▼

The Interview

Non Canadian?! WHAAAT?! It's true folks Döc is having his first non-Canadian guest on his show since he's begun the interview segment. Dessa of the Doomtree Hip Hop Collective has a show on  March 13th @ Ill Motore and on Friday March 12th Döc will be interviewing her about her recent album, the tour and her transition from slam poet to rapper. Expect an amazing interview with an exceptionally talented hip hop artist.

Dessa @ Il Motore
Date: Saturday, 13 March 2010
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Location: Il Motore...

Tron Trailer the next morning..... thank you movie gods


IRON MAN 2 TRAILER... Need I say more?


Levar Burton took time off from his current project (read about it here) being filmed in Montreal to have drinks with his local Twitter fans. I have to say how great it was to meet one of my heroes and meet some of the other local MTL tweeters.
For those who don't know the story, I owe the fact that I am in radio to my parents, teachers and Levar Burton. I was 6 years old and watching...

Haven't felt Eminem on a track in a long time but I have to say this verse redeems him just a little. Lil' Wayne's style never really caught my attention but I'm starting to see what people were talking about when they said he has potential. Hope the video was what you wanted 'cuz I gotta say it's what I expect and I'm liking it.


What's good MTL? Döc Holidæ is bringing another great local hip hop artist to the Montreal airways. Markings will be live in the studio on Friday March 5th for your listening pleasure. We'll be discussing Mtl Hip Hop, Canadian Hip Hop and all other related topics that come up from those subjects. Don't miss a single minute of Da Cypha. Friday March 5th 4-6pm EST.

Where have I been? ....Moving! Yes your favorite radio host has been packing, cleaning and prepping for his move to a deluxe apartment in SDN (Snowdon Area for none MTLers). I hope everyone hasn't missed me too much. As a show of good faith and how much I love you all; here is a mixtape by Brazilian-born, Florida-based hip hop artist Laws - 4:57.

Laws became a stationhold (yea the...

Nothing to add except help me find this cap in 7 5/8 size and I will owe you everything.

My guest next week; Friday February 19th, is Kool Krys. This will be the first lady of hip hop on the new Cypha interview segement.

If you have been following me on Twitter, you are no stranger to KOOL KRYS and if aren't following me, now you know.

Tune in next week for another amazing show on Da Cypha. If you are in the Ottawa Area, check out the info below for Kool Krys album release party.



WA - I♥JD: A Tribute to the Music of J Dilla
WN - Friday, February 12, 2010 at 10:00pm
WE - Le Consulat 1442 Bleury/north of Ste. Catherine
WY - A Tribute to the GREAT J Dilla
HM - $5 at the door
WO - KingOfTheDot
WA - Freestyle Battle
WN - Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 6:00pm...

This week Döc Holidæ is pleased to have local politically conscious Hip Hop artist The Narcicyst on for a phoner. With lines like "You know Iraq is the new black ", Narcy (as he is also known) has made a name for himself speaking openly about any subject he sees fit. Tune in to the show and hear some words of wisdom from a man with a message.
Check for more info.


Video of someone impersonating CJLO's Charttopper D-Sisive @ a show in Seattle. and

To NPC... but the rest of you can watch the vid too. THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE Ladies and Gentlemen.

Döc Holidæ is proud to present another great Hip Hop interview with local hip hop group Underground RealRoad. After last week's great interview w/ Ghettosocks we're continuing the momentum straight into this week’s interview.  Comprised of producer Drex and rapper Big Bricc; Underground RealRoad has been working hard and reppin’ MTL. Having already shared the stage with the...

Download it now people -

Don't forget to check for more info

Karma Atchykah new music video. Pour tous se ki ignore le hip hop Quebecois... STOP SLEEPIN' ON IT

I've had the pleasure of knowing Karma for awhile now and his hip...


HM ...

I'm startin' a new bi-weekly interview feature on Da Cypha. Originally it was geared to coincide with the 6th anniversary of Da Cypha later in the month of February but I was too impatient. I'll be doing a bonus interview with the one and only Ghettosocks this Friday January 29th between 4 & 6pm EST. Next Friday, February 5th, ...

More MTL talent on the blog. Malicious AKA Mr. Malish did it again with this track. Looking forward to the next project.

RJD2's new album The Colossus just arrived at CJLO so expect to hear "Let There Be Horns" spinnin on our  Hip Hop shows.


To the girls in Counseling Psych at McGill

I've been waiting to see a video to this song since I first heard it. 

Ghettosocks mentioned the video was being shot not too long ago and then I knew it was finally happening. It's here and it's damn good. Ladies and...

WO - Velvet Trench Vibes w/ Special Guests: Commodore84, Foule Statik and Lil-C
WA - Live show   
WN - Friday, January 22, 2010 at 9:00pm
WE - Bar St. Laurent 2 5550 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC
HM - $10 in Advance $12 @ the door



Empire Isis has been on Da Cypha a few times now and she's always a pleasure to be around. DJ Green Lantern is one of the best DJs and does an amazing live show. Catch them both @Living Nightclub on January 21st.


Event:    Dj Green Lantern + Empire Isis
When:    Thursday, January 21, 2010 (10:00 PM - 3:00 AM)
Location:    Living Nightclub
Address:    4521 St-Laurent blvd, Downtown, Montreal

Le Jeudi 21 Janvier 10'


THIS SH*T is FYAH!! Sean Price, Skyzoo and Torae easily killin it on this track. I saw all of these guys perform in NYC during CMJ Music Marathon and it was one of the best shows for that week (maybe the whole year).

One of the main things I like about...

Montreal's Dynamic Duo Lotus & Troy Dunnit are at it again. This was the first song I played on my show for the new year/decade.

The Big Dirty is my favorite track off the EP with good reason. Enjoy the video and visit their site...

I'm suppose to go to Toronto for the Doom & Def show w/ D-Sisive on January 27th @ Kool Haus.

But then they announced the GZA was coming to Montreal on the same night to perform at Foufs.


Rita J's recent album Artist Workshop charted heavily at CJLO. Here's just one of the tracks that made her album a chartopper.

The Roots Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches EP

It's free, its 22 tracks and its The Roots... need I say...

Big shoutouts to Mayer Hawthorne for bringing back the Blue Eyed Soul.

When I was @Abbott I took a class called Afro American Rock Music and Blue Eyed Soul helped...

I had the honour of being present at the Roc Raida tribute during CMJ Music Marathon.
R.I.P. Roc Raida



WO - 45 KING (Nyc)
WA - Hip-Hop Legend : 45 KING (Nyc) @ Blizzarts + BluRum13 & residents Lexis + Sevdee
WN - Friday, December 11, 2009 at 10:00pm
WE - Blizzarts 3956a St-Laurent
WY - They are one of the most influential hip hop DJs/producers of all time.
HM - $7


Local Montreal artist Lotus and Troy Dunnit done did it again


I've been telling people about Louwop The Dirty General for a minute now and I figured I'd just show you what I was talking about all along.


WN - Friday, December 4, 2009 at 10:00pm
HM - LADIES: $5 MEN: $10
WO - Karma Atchykah
WA - Live Performance
WN - Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 10:00pm


WA - Two of Montreal’s most talented vocalists and unique musical acts, Amanda Mabro and Elsiane, are combining their unique styles for a double-header show that promises to offer something exciting and eclectic to the Montreal music scene.
WN - Friday, November 27, 2009 at 8:00pm
HM - 20$ à l'avance / 25$ + f.s. à la porte