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I was informed that The Suite Delight tops CJLO’s most-viewed radio show page list for the first week of July.

I have spent years trying to make people aware and care about my show apparently it has finally paid off.

I take comfort knowing something positive has come out of my efforts with The Suite Delight.

The ...

Time to start putting this little space & place to use!

April's shaping up to be very busy for me! I've got some extracurricular DJing now, concerts to review, music to browse and only one life to live. Go figure!

This is my first time blogging here, even though I've had my own blog,, for a little over a year now.  That was one of the reasons I haven't written here before, but c'est la vie. Here I am! Welcome to the Suite Delight CJLO page.  I'll be informing you of what's going on with the show from time to time.

I missed my show for work this past Saturday :( So I'm burning to do my show this Saturday! I've got some hot hip hop & RPM waiting to blaze the airwaves!  Can't wait!  Peace out!