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After the arrest of two journalists last week, this time a teacher was taken into custody.

According to CTV Montreal, a professor of the University of Quebec' Outaouais in Gatineau was arrested during a student protest on Tuesday.

The social sciences professor was accused of obstructing police while they were trying to evacuate the school. But students present at the scene said the professor was unjustly apprehended.

According to them, he was only gathering his belongings when the police arrested him.

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The flight maintenance company Aveos will have to pay nearly $6 million to its ex-workers.

According to the CBC, a Quebec judge issued a court order forcing the firm to compensate the 2,600 employees who were abruptly terminated last month.

Each former employee will receive up to $2,000 as a back pay.

But the court order also states that no further claims can be made against Aveos.

The Montreal-based company shut down overnight on March 18 and filed for bankruptcy protection...

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Student protesters are not just intensifying the movement against tuition hikes. They are also coming up with creative ways to make the life in the city more difficult.

According to the CBC, hundreds of protesters were playing cat and mouse with the Montreal police on Wednesday.

Leading the march with a route that was kept secret, the students kept changing directions at the corner of every block. The Montreal police could only try to catch up with the protesters.

Earlier that day, 300 students...

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A group of Concordia students sold president Frederick Lowy’s condo on Tuesday morning.

The fake auction was held as a symbolic gesture to denounce mismanagement of public funds in universities.

In 2011, Concordia had promised Lowy a $1.4 million interest-free loan to keep his condo in Montreal and assure his return as interim president. He was called back to replace former president Judith Woodsworth, who was ousted with a $700,000 severance package.

The 60 students who showed up for the sale first marched to Lowy’s condo where they started hanging signs saying the condo was for sale. The auction then took place in front of the building where...

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There will be no temporary reinstatement for the two Concordia Student Union candidates disqualified last week.

The CSU Judicial Board denied the request yesterday morning. A Better Concordia presidential candidates Schubert Laforest and VP academics and clubs Lucia Gallardo will likely have to wait until the final decision appears next Friday.

The Judicial Board claimed there was not enough evidence proving the disqualifications were unjustified.

According to an public statement, Laforest and Gallardo only provided evidence they were currently registered. But the JB said...

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