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The Coalition Avenir Quebec held its first policy convention in Victoriaville Saturday, CBC reports.

CAQ leader François Legault says his party is set for the elections. 

The party took up sixty policy resolutions. They include getting rid of school boards, minimizing bureaucracy and allow doctors to bill medicare and the private sector.

Legault says the Liberals and the Parti Quebecois did not make substantial changes because they are afraid of losing power. 

He says a...

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Drivers under twenty-one are facing a new alcohol restriction. A ban from drinking any amount of alcohol before driving started on Saturday, CTV reports.

A Quebec road safety expert says when it comes to young driver accidents, half the time there is alcohol involved.

Young drivers caught with even a drop of alcohol will lose their license for ninety days. They will also be fined from three hundred to six hundred dollars and lose four demerit points.

A Mothers Against Drunk Driving spokesperson says the ban will save...

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After her sudden resignation last week, a report reveals that CSU official Morgan Pudwell is not a registered student.

According to The Concordian, CSU chairperson Nick Cuillerier confirmed this information an email.

Pudwell had resigned as VP advocacy and outreach on April 5. In her letter, she said she was resigning for health reasons.

Former CSU councilor Tomer Shavit accused her of not being a registered student at the last council meeting. Pudwell walked out of the meeting and said she left because of illness.

The CSU had asked for an investigation into the status of its members earlier in March. 

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Saskatoon could see Tim Hortons without drive thrus in the future.

Huffington Post reports the city might ban future construction of Timmies drive thrus because of the problems they cause.

The solution was brought up by a city councillor and now a report’s being done to see if it’s possible.

Transportation manager Angela Gardiner says this is a national problem. She says the drive thru...

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Thomas MulcairIt seems that Thomas Mulcair’s first move is to go for the young ones. CTV reports the newly-appointed NDP leader wants to target young voters in the next election.

He says the NDP’s biggest challenge is to draw in people who believe in the NDP ideals but who don’t vote.

Mulcair was elected as the new NDP leader on Saturday night. He won the last round of voting with 57.1 per cent of the...

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