The Saint Zotiqua Cathedral

AIRS ON: Tuesdays // 10 PM - 11 PM
HOSTED BY: Adam ben Pesach

A show formally known as Fables for Your Microscope, a long-running show on CFUV, Victoria & CFRO, Vancouver.  The St. Zotiqua Cathedral plays new music by Canadian artists, focusing on artists who aren't entirely motivated by the formulaic concerns of the mainstream.  Sometimes the show doesn't follw this mandate whatsoever; as is fitting on a show that is attempting to highlight a disinterest in formulaic concerns.  I also have a special guest/motivational speaker every week: Sleepy Time Shoy, who offers short, life improving blurbs.  These blurbs are renouned for their questionable audio quality.  There is a lot more I should like to say about the show, but perhaps it would be better for you to tune in and listen.