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'Your Media Sucks' will be a free-wheeling issue oriented show with an emphasis on the failure of corporate media. What is left of Fourth Estate are a collection of citizen journalists and handfuls of individuals within the corporate media itself. Nothing has changed for followers of 'New Media and Politics'; the alphabet soup of so-called news organizations ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, NPR and even Canada's own CBC and CTV are not there to be your Fourth Estate. They are in the Newstainment business and are really there to sell you soap, corporate propaganda and war, and they are damned good at it! We will endevour to take the legs out from under them.

We will have regular guests in the studio to talk ablout all aspects of the media and it will be a mixed bag of humourous and serious and will try and kick-start your week information you can trust and depend on. There will be some jazz played in-between talk segments and my guests will bring favourite tunes to share. Show starts September 19th. There will be podcasts of all episodes available on-line. We mean to kick ass and take names. Please join us for the fun!


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