Rigged Sessions

AIRS ON: Sundays // 10 AM - 12 PM

I play electronic music with a bpm range between (and including) Glitch Hop and UK Hardcore. Listed, these main genres are: Glitch Hop, House, Electro House, Trance, UK Garage, Future Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, and Drum & Bass.

I also do a live 20-30 minute mix in the middle of the shift. The mix is mixed in key (according to Serato's key detection software) and usually revolves around a main genre (ie: house, trance, hardstyle, drum & bass, etc...).

If you can't listen to the show live on air, or on www.cjlo.com, you can listen to it on Mixcloud.

Bio: I'm a DJ, producer, radio host, student and gamer. I made a few mixes which have made it into the top 100 mixes on Mixcloud (17th for Melbourne Bounce, 36th in UK Garage and 77th in Hardstyle). As a CJLO radio host, I broadcast new stuff on air, as well as tracks from those I find to be underrated. My first track is available to listen to on Choon. I also speak French. 
If you want to send new original tracks/remixes to me, send them at riggedjasn@gmail.com.