Dr. Lizard & Deer Abby


HOSTED BY: Doctor Lizard + Deer Abby

Dr. Lizard and Deer Abby is a brand new talk show on CJLO 1690 AM. You can catch it every single Wednesday from 3-5pm! 

Tune in and listen to these ladies as they delve into topics no one ever talks about. *WARNING* prepare yourselves now; because some of these discussions and opinions might make your blood boil....

The airwaves have never had to deal with so much crazy before! 

Hosts are not medical professionals and all views are opinion based and not a representation of CJLO RADIO.


You might be thinking to yourself: hey this page looks really awesome. I love the diversity in colours and how nineties the layout is; but who the Hell are these chicks?

Since we aren't household names (yet) a small intro would be a good idea. Liz and Abby, where to begin? The story goes like this:

These two became quick friends (even though they are complete opposites) after bonding over sarcasm, wit and music. They quickly realized that two lady bosses are better than one; and so a new talk show was formed and voila, there ya have it folks: Doctor lizard and Deer Abby

We know this is getting long, but read on if you want to learn more about us!

Doctor Lizard a.k.a Elizabeth (Liz ) Imperiale 

Liz refuses to go by her full name and with good reason. Think about it, Liz is cuter, shorter, easier to remember and way simpler to spell. 

Doctor Lizard's hobbies include:
be-friending random animals, cat whispering, media moguling ( yap, totally a word) and long walks on the beach. Her passion is music and delegating. Man, is she ever good at doing things she enjoys!

You may recognize Liz Imperiale's name from a little thing called BUCKETLIST MUSIC REVIEWS. That's right, she is the head honcho, main founder. The one who created the popular zine from thin air! #ladyboss Liz has been working in the media industry forever and she knows her stuff! Expect to hear rants, feisty gusto and long sighs of frustration.

Deer Abby A.K.A Abby Elizabeth (Formerly known as: The Reaktor.)

Abby will tell you that she has one passion and that passion is: synchronized swimming, but only in the shallow end of fancy in-ground hotel pools and usually after a few mojitos... She also likes walking her cats. Yes, she owns more than one.

Known mainly for being a street/beat journalist and nightlife DJ. She has been working in the #Montreal media industry for nearly a decade and has horror stories to prove it!

Abby is also a former radio host and producer. Her plan is to make a comeback in pure 'Wrestler' form... So, prepare yourselves for some serious debauchery!





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