The Most Interesting Person You Know



Who is the most interesting person you know? 

This  show will  be a limited 5 part series that pays homage to extra-ordinary humans. A talk show that is purely interview based. Each episode will feature a guest who has been nominated by their peers because they are so Godamn interesting.
From accomplishing the seemingly impossible and overcoming crazy obstacles, whether they be familial, monetary, mental or physical.  These guests are going to share their stories with us and hopefully inspire you to keep moving foward!
So Far our guests include :
A young woman who gained national recognition when her artwork became political 
A former  Shaolin monk  turned stuntman/actor
A guy  in serious debt  gives up all his  worldly posessions to move to india and write an award winning script
We are still taking in some nominations, the deadline is June 4th. Feel Free to PM us your nods on our FB page!

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