Past Tense

AIRS ON: Mondays // 10 PM - 11 PM

slowcore // post-hardcore // post-punk // math rock // noise rock // shoegaze // emo // etc.

Music punctuated by rambling; an hour that is:

Melancholic or bright.

Laid back or anxious.

Abrasive or pretty.


Also on CILU at 9PM Mon and CFRC at 9PM Wed.


Latest playlist (July 1, 2024, #149):

[artist] [album] [song]
Dresser Fuel Never
Cola The Gloss Keys Down If You Stay
Plainclothes Dog Logic Saltine Crackers
Best Witches Jail Warped
Women Women Cameras
York Redoubt York Redoubt Are You Still
Bluffing People Pleaser Black Hair
Sunforger Sunforger Mire
Macha Macha The Short Life
Spengler We Need A Miracle Hyjinx
Telstar Drugs Sonatine Misstep
Monopot Optipess Smalltown Superbored
Exhaust Grenadilla Splinters Put My Ashes In A Used Yogurt Container And Chuck Me Off The Back Porch
New Fries IS THE IDEA OF US Arendt/Adler/Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley
Zola Jesus New Amsterdam Be Your Virgin




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