THANK YOU to all the graduate students that voted to approve a fee levy increase for CJLO 1690AM. We promise that we will continue to work hard to provide Concordia students with a campus media outlet that not only offers incredible opportunities to students, but of which students can be proud!

CJLO connects Concordia students to the Montreal community and beyond

CJLO 1690AM is more than just a radio station.

It’s a way to connect Concordia students to Montreal’s underground music scenes, broadcasting opportunities, and audio production facilities. What’s more, CJLO 1690AM is a community at heart, where students can make friends and connections that can last a lifetime. 

CJLO covers Concordia issues for all students

We know that times are tough for students right now. That’s why CJLO has continued to provide local news, music, and programming to our community when they need it the most. We’ve seen our volunteership expand and our listenership double. We’ve created outside-the-box programming and new partnerships to give students the most out of their campus experience right now. We’re even rolling out live programming nearly every day of the week.

CJLO offers students the ability to develop new skills

CJLO is there to help students gain new skills in audio production, offer resources and jobs, and students can produce shows in their first language! Being a fee-levy group would also mandate us to keep the GSA accountable through regular coverage. Graduate students get to be full members of our radio station!

CJLO offers resources to students to develop their projects and ideas

Here is the full referendum question that will be on the ballot April 28 and 29:

CJLO 1690 AM, Concordia University's radio station, has been in operation since 1998, and broadcasts on the AM frequency since 2008. It is currently supported by a fee levy that was approved in 2011. CJLO is seeking a change in its fee levy to improve its infrastructure, including emergency broadcasting capabilities, online streaming, improving access to programming, and to account for inflation.

Do you agree to apply a fee levy of $1.00 per semester, annually adjusted to the Consumer Price Index of Canada, applicable to GSA members, where the fee shall be used to ensure the growth and sustainability of CJLO 1690 AM, Concordia University Radio? This fee shall ensure that all graduate students are eligible for full membership privileges including but not limited to broadcast training, on-air time, promotion support for student organized events, and production facilities and equipment resources for student projects. The fee would be effective starting with the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year and refundable in accordance with Concordia University tuition and refund policy.

CJLO encourages on-air programming in all languages