Ought Live @ CJLO

Ought are a Montreal four piece of the post-punk persuasion that have been kicking up a lot of fuss in recent weeks since the release of their brilliant debut record More Than Any Other Day which came out on Constellation at the end of April. One listen (or better, one live performance), and it's not hard to see why. 

Their super tight krautrock-informed jams, on top of which lyricist/guitarist Tim Beeler deposits his existential musings and inflicts a borderline uncomfortable q&a session on the listener, stand out notably in today's sea of "Hey I'm just a chill dude, happy to meet you" jangle guitar bands. It's confrontational without needing to get physical, compassionate without making the mistake of being loving, and cool without resorting to being sunny.

Lucky for us, Ought were still free enough - 30 date international this summer - to come in to CJLO's show Under the Influence on an appropriately overcast day, to play some of our favorite tracks live in-house and talk a little bit to show host Steven Viney about what influences their sound and makes them tick.




Recorded on: 
May 28 2014
Aired on: 
Under the Influence
Engineered by: 
Patrick McDowall
Mixed by: 
Patrick McDowall
Videography by: 
Maha El Sherif