We've been Stayin' Alive. And we were Still Climbin'. But right now, we're Livin' for the City!

Since 1998, we have been offering the city of Montreal the very best in music and current affairs programming. We've been championing local and emerging musicians in Montreal all throughout our history. But this year, we have explored new innovative media projects to bring the city's music scene in the palm of your hand.

CJLO is at the forefront of new changes in radio. And we couldn't more thrilled that you've joined us for the ride.

In May, CJLO landed the number one spot for Montreal's Best Radio Station in Cult MTL's Best of Montreal Readers' Poll. What's more, CJLO hosts and programs also dominated the Best Radio Show and Best Host categories, securing the top spot in both.

Ultimately, it's been a great year for our station and for our city.

We're starting to see signs of life back in Montreal. From live music to festivals and dance parties, we were there to provide you the soundtrack to lockdown, but we're more excited to be your trusty local guide to the city's underground scene.

For the past year, CJLO has worked on creating an immersive mobile application and a one-of-a-kind documentary series on the Montreal music scene, one borough at a time. We knew we wanted to welcome you back to city life in a big way.

But in order to keep doing these projects, we'll need your help!

Please consider making a donation to help sustain operations at CJLO 1690AM. With your support, we'll be able to purchase more equipment, invest in new positions for students, and expand our presence all throughout Montreal.

We're here for you. We're here for Montreal. We're Livin' For The City!

CJLO's 2021 Funding Drive has great gifts for your donations!

By helping to support CJLO, we can do even MORE! Every dollar counts, and no donation is too small. With your generous support, we can purchase more equipment and software systems for our volunteers who are producing meaningful programs.

Please consider donating to CJLO and receive your gift. Thank you!


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$3/month ($36): patch, mug, sticker
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$5/month ($60): tote, t-shirt, sticker
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1. Introduction to DJing: A Workshop for Gender Minorities on October 22nd from 11:00AM to 4:00PM at CJLO 1690AM (7141 rue Sherbrooke Ouest). To register, please click 'Donate for Gifts' and add the workshop! Lunch from Nilufar will be provided!

2. CJLO 1690AM Presents: Trivia Night at Ye Olde Orchard at 1189 rue de la Montagne on October 24th at 8:30PM

3. CJLO 1690AM Presents: CJLO A-Goat-Goat! Motown Night on October 28th from 11:00PM to 3:00AM at Bar Le Ritz (179 rue Jean-Talon Ouest). To buy advanced tickets, click here!

4. CJLO 1690AM Presents: CJLO Vinyl Fair on October 29th from 12:00PM to 5:00PM at the 9th Floor of the John Molson School of Business at the Sir George Williams campus of Concordia University.



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