We're Still Climbin' but we're almost at the top!

Over the past 20+ years, CJLO has been a highly-respected part of the diverse media landscape in Montreal. We are a champion of local artists and our local music scene, a veritable cultural tastemaker, and an educational resource for anyone looking to learn about audio storytelling and broadcasting. We are a pillar to our community through our varied music programming, talk shows, podcasts, news casts, and now audio residency program that covers issues and stories you won't hear anywhere else.

Despite the global pandemic which heavily affected our city, CJLO has thrived. We've introduced new genre weeks that brought in more listeners than ever, we collaborated closely with faculty members at Concordia University by giving students the option to produce podcasts as final assignments, and we completed an ambitious project called Sounds In Our Changing Worlds. In this project, we invited three audio storytellers to create audio content on the climate crisis and its impact on Montreal. We created an eight-part podcast series, an audio installation, and an oral history. We're now underway in a new project we call Mapping Montreal Music, which will help support the music scene in Montreal as they bounce back from a difficult period. We've offered local businesses advertising grants so that they can reach wider audiences during this crucial time, and our listeners a place where they can escape, unwind, and reflect on all the good that Montreal has to offer.

Despite everything, like you, CJLO is Still Climbin'!

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