We're always looking for new volunteers!

CJLO runs entirely on the power of its volunteers and it's part of our mission to teach and train students and community members.

CJLO can offer hands-on training in broadcasting, sound production, live recording, promotions, sales, broadcast administration, news writing and reporting, marketing and much more! Our volunteers go on to work in commercial radio, the music industry, broadcast journalism, and many other fields.

In today's competitive work force, experience is vital. Volunteering at CJLO is a great place to gain the experience you need to stand out in any industry.

Tips for A Successful Application

  1. Fill out the appropriate application above. Calling us and leaving a voicemail saying "Yo, I want to be on the radio, you need me on the radio!" might not be the best approach. Our applications are designed to make sure we know as much as we need to know about you right from the get go, so fill one out!
  2. Find out as much as you can about CJLO before you apply. If you want to play non-stop Nickelback, this is not the place for you. (If you want to play Nickelback even once, this is not the place for you.) Research what types of shows we already have and what types of initiatives we participate in on campus and in the community and try to come up with an awesome idea we haven't thought of yet!
  3. While we CJLOers totally enjoy colours, stickers, and a good laugh – don't go overboard with your application! Make it stand out but please keep it professional.
  4. For the DJ application, one of the most important parts is your sample playlist or your proposal for a spoken word show. Take a lot of time to think about this soy wow us with your obscure music taste and your worldly knowledge.
  5. Keep your availability broad because time slots are limited.
  6. Bring your application by in-person. We like to put faces to the piles of paper on our desks, so drop by and say hi! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

For general volunteering applications, contact Maia Pearson (Volunteer Coordinator) at volunteer@cjlo.com.

For DJ applications, contact Allison O'Reilly (Program Director) at program@cjlo.com.

Download the DJ Application (PDF)