Strange Froots Interview on Fatal Attraction: Wed at 4pm

Coming up on the next Fatal Attraction, (airing at a special time this week: Wed @ 4pm) Patricia has the pleasure of interviewing Strange Froots: a trio of singers-songwriters, musicians and beatmakers, comprised of Mags, SageS and Naïka Champaïgne.

The members of Strange Froots come from backgrounds of the same Black diaspora (including Haiti, Jamaica, Senegal and Ghana) as well as drastically different musical influences. Together they make music to encourage and to empower people everywhere, and to remind us that we’re not alone!

Scene Noir on Beyond the Black Rainbow: Monday @ 4pm

Tune into Beyond The Black Rainbow Monday October 5th at 4pm EST when Julie will be joined by Scene Noir, to chat up their new album "WAVES", coming out on Cold Model Records. Get a chance to hear their showgazey dreaminess, and check them out live soon! They are playing in town on Saturday October 17th at Le Cagibi (5490 St Laurent) with Ylang Ylang and Besatzung. Tune in Monday at 4pm for more info!

CJLO 1690AM FUNdrive 2015: Many Thanks from Us to You!

CJLO is a week in to our Annual FUNdrive, and we're already feeling the love from you, our listeners, friends and family, and the Montreal community at large. We're happy to report that we've reached 50% of our $6000 goal! A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and supported our station thus far. Words cannot express how excited we are to get your calls and texts while we're live on the air, and to see you at our FUNdrive events. Check out our photos on Instagram and follow us on Twitter @CJLO1690AM! We have much more in store for you as we hit the half-way point.

Today at 3pm on Beyond the Black Rainbow: CMD music performs live!

Today on a special FUNdrive edition of Beyond the Black Rainbow, CMD music will perform a live set! Tune in at 3pm to hear from Cyan, a prolific artist/producer/ and DJ in the Montreal electronic scene and co-founder of such collectives as Women on Wax, Dark Disco, and Phoniq! Like what you hear? Feel free to call in, pledge a donation to CJLO's FUNdrive, and make this part of your Monday soundtrack- 3pm!!

Coming up at 11am: Fatal Attraction- FUNdrive Edition w/ Tshizimba Interview

Coming up at 11am on Fatal Attraction, Patricia is interviewing Tshizimba: a talented MC, beat maker, music producer and rapper from The Congo! Tshizimba's Hip-Hop, Ambient and Chillwave influences unveil a unique world, characterized by Afrofuturism, space, the strength to fight back and pretty flowers!

Tshizimba's latest EP, Everything X Alright, is available on Bandcamp. Tshizimba just performed this past Friday at Hip Hop You Don't Stop! Tune in to hear more from this prolific MC on this special FUNdrive edition of Fatal Attraction, Sundays 11am!

CJLO's Funding Drive is in Gear! Sept 23-Oct 4! The info you need is here!

CJLO is primed to put the FUN in fundraising- with FUNdrive 2015- happening Sept 23 to Oct 4! We have two weeks of special events, happening all over Montreal—whether it's hip hop jams, metal, indie rock, or bluegrass 'n' bingo, we've got something that appeals to everyone- check out our special events on our funding drive site! It all starts today at our Kick-off Party that doubles as a collaboration with Blue Skies Turn Black to screen the Fugazi/Jem Cohem documentary, Instrument.

POP Montreal 2015: Commander Clark @ Empire Exchange

Presented by POP Montreal and Oh Hi

Commander Clark doesn't play it cool. He first popped up on our radar during POP Montreal 2014 when he was invited up on stage to co-host Psi Factor and the Cougar's Str8 Talk interview with Ty Segall and Mikey Heppner. He gushed, he over-shared, he played a Ty Segall song on kazoo. So like, who was this guy with a comic book persona who wasn't afraid to dork out in front of a room full of strangers? Naturally, we had to find out.

POP Montreal 2015: The Sonics @ Théâtre Fairmount

Presented by POP Montreal, Blue Skies Turn Black, and Vice

The question you hear most when you tell someone you've been to see a band who made their start in the '60s, as The Sonics did, is "but can they still rock?"

Yes, yes, emphatically yes.

POP Montreal 2015: Les Marinellis @ Théâtre Fairmount

POP You Did Me Wrong

It was day two of POP Montreal, and after consuming my fill of veggie dogs & beer at the Quartiers POP barbecue and taking a quick cat nap, I made my way to Théâtre Fairmount and got there just in time to catch Les Marinellis opening for Mikal Cronin. It was quite disappointing to discover the band playing to a virtually empty room. That big open space in front of the stage was probably the worst thing about POP Montreal this year, and this particular performance by the band was lacklustre as a result.

Viceroy Tonight on The Trend at 9 PM

On tonight's episode of The Trend at 9PM we will be interviewing Montreal artist Viceroy. He came to our attention when we read his article in the Community Contact entitled Listen Up. On Friday, September 18th he released his mixtape Coming of Age on Dat Piff. I would love to tell you more about Viceroy, but I would rather you hear it from himself so make sure to tune in tonight. If you still want to get to know him a little more before tonight's show, check out his website and social media outlets: