Le Retour du Roi Kongo - Fredy Massamba returns - Beat the World: Sat @ 12pm

International star, Fredy Massamba is back in Montreal and is doing a special 1-hour live interview on Beat The World!  From his musical beginnings in Pointe-Noire, Congo touring with "Les Tambours de Brazza", collaborating with Zap Mama, Didier Awadi, Manou Gallo, Bilal, Mos  Def and The Roots to his solo album "Ethnophony" and now "Makasi", Fredy Massamba stays true.  With lyrics that touch our hearts, let his smooth blend of soul, funk, hip hop, and African Chants take us on a journey.

Louie P (of The Celestics) on Aloof Future: Sunday at 2pm

Coming up on a special edition of Aloof Future (Sundays at 2pm)- we will be talking to Louie P (Kaytranada's brother, and 1/2 of The Celestics). Louie P just released a single- we will hear all about it plus what's next for his solo project-- tune in to get the goods! Aloof Future, hosted by the aloof hipster: Sundays at 2pm!


Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman, is set to come out of the closet in an upcoming issue of X-Men. Although the character has dated many women in the past, it will soon be revealed that the character is gay.

Iceman wouldn't be the first Marvel leading man to come out; Northstar came out in the early '90s in Alpha Flight #106. At the time it wasn't an easy task and writer Scott Lobdell had to fight to get the line "I am gay" approved before the issue came out. Bobby's coming out is more pull than open reveal (see the leaked panels below), but in the end he accepts that the truth is out and is okay with it, even going so far as to make a joke.

Caro Diaro Live @ CJLO

We invited Caro Diaro (Maica Armata of Maica Mia) to stop by our Oven studio during our re-launch event and play a stripped down session in the newly renovated room.  The results were stunning, as she played 3 hauntingly beautiful, new tracks during a live broadcast on Fear of Music.


ANIMAZE 2015 - Notable picks from the 'Nature and Humanity' block

From magical human-morphing polar bears to blazing indigo-hued birds, scary vines that spontaneously grow on their own, to dismantling a gigantic plate of solar panels, the diverse selection from ANIMAZE’s Nature and Humanity block invites you to sit down and explore your imagination in looking at the fast-changing world of Mother Nature from a different perspective. While all of these selections are captivating in their own right, here are some notable pieces that grabbed our attention:

'Wrapped' from Germany

Today on Beyond the Black Rainbow- Talking to Loosestrife about Howlarts Album Launch: 4pm

Today on a special episode of Beyond the Black Rainbow, we will be talking with one half of Montreal duo Loosestrife regarding their upcoming album launch show in Howl Arts Festival (Sunday at 8pm- Le Cagibi- with 

FIFA 2015: 'Entre Ciel et Terre: Quand le hip hop devient art' is a dazzling experience

This spring marked the 33rd edition of the International Festival of Films on Art. The festival was founded in 1981 by René Rozon and has thrived over the course of the past three decades. Born out of a legacy of innovation, culture and technology, FIFA maintains the artistic legacy established by Expo 67’. It is only appropriate that one of the highlights of this year’s festival was a multimedia screening of the hip-hop documentary Entre Ciel et Terre: Quand le hip hop devient art.

Shawn Katz, author of Generation Rising, on The Commonwealth Conundrum: Today 4-6pm!

Today on a special edition of The Commonwealth Conundrum Show , author Shawn Katz will be in studio at 5:30pm chatting about his new book Generation Rising: The Time of the Québec Student Spring. It is the first English-language book on the Printemps érable of 2012.

The Cat Empire + Current Swell @ Metropolis

Presented by Evenko and Greenland Productions

Carmen from Plebeian Pleasures (Mondays 11 AM) reviews the frenzied night.

The Cat Empire killed two birds with one stone on April 11th, as they offered a second sold-out and stunning performance at Metropolis. Actually, forget "performance". It was a party.

Double Champs tonight! Punchline 13 in studio live at 7pm- talking Pouzza Fest!

Tonight we will have a special double edition of Champions of the Local Scene, with Montreal band Punchline 13 live in studio at 7pm. Punchline 13 wil be playing Pouzza Fest May 17 & 18th at TRH Bar- 3699 St Laurent, more information here! Tune in tonight at 7pm for this special episode hosted by Abby of Psychic City.