What's Happening?

We Just Wanna Have Some Fun, Down At The Rock And Roll Club

CJLO News Team Produces Latest GroundWire Edition!

CJLO's News Director Marilla Steuter-Martin produced the latest version of GroundWire, the weekly news podcast program produced by members of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. The issue was presented by Marilla and CJLO's Saturn De Los Angeles (host of Shibuya Crossing, Wed 2-4pm). Features include Muslim perspectives on Charlie Hebdo attacks (a collaborative report between CJLO, CKUT, and CKUW); Women's perspectives on the Dalhousie dentistry scandal (CKDU) and accessibility in the Ottawa punk and DIY community. Check it out!

Psychic City interviews Wanda Hewer Jackson: A Paranormal Investigator

Today at 5pm on Psychic City, Abby interviews paranormal investigator and founder of Ghost Hunters of Guelph, Wanda Hewer Jackson! Hewer Jackson is psychic medium and consultant for Ontario based tv program Paranormal Around the Region. Today's topics of conversation will range from personal experiences with the afterlife, deja vus and out of body experiences to hauntings, psychic attacks and ghostly visitors! Listeners are encouraged to post questions on the Psychic City Facebook Fanpage. Tune in!

What's Happening?

We Just Wanna Have Some Fun, Down At The Rock And Roll Club

Not sure if January 15th being both the arcane feast of Saint Paul the First Hermit and the day that Prince Palu gave up his futile search for some sort of medically induced hibernation have anything to do with each other, but it sure is cold outside. However, we are sure that, unlike Paul of Thebes, Prince Palu does not have a raven that brings bread to his cave everyday, so he went out and bought some thermal underwear and resigned himself to the fact that these are our days until the first or second week of May. Now resign yourself too and here are some live music options for you this week.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Igloofest Ticket Giveaway for Sunday, January 18- 2 pairs!

Igloofest is here! We are pleased to offer, in collaboration with Igloofest, 2 pairs of tickets for Sunday, January 18- lineup featuring Flosstradamus, The Gaslamp Killer, Project Pablo, Sam Vipond and many more!

Hound - Out Of Time

SRA 2014

The debut album by Philly rockers Hound allows each of us to scratch our rock itch, to indulge in an album that is relentless rock 'n' roll. Out Of Time consists of ten tracks, six of which are under three minutes in length. At less than twenty-eight minutes, this album doesn't allow for any superfluous bells or whistles, there's rockin' to be done.

Q&A - Mr. Green Live from the Streets

Live from the Streets is an original series on Noisey featuring producer Mr. Green who records street sounds, chops them up, and then collaborates with hip hop's finest artists to create the freshest beats around. Ariel DJ Misschief from CJLO's Greedy Graffiti (Thursday 2 PM) catches up with Mr. Green to find out more about the project, staying positive, and the best place to chill in Brooklyn.


When did you start producing tracks and when did you make the first you were truly proud of?

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Screening- Ticket Giveaway- Jan 14, 7pm

CJLO is pleased to be teaming up with the Banff Mountain Film Festival to offer 5 free pairs of tickets (value $48 per pair) to their January 14 World Tour screening, 7pm (SGW Campus, Alumni Auditorium, H-110) The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the world's premier event for films on mountain subjects. Films selected for the tour were picked from 40 shortlisted entries, have innovation in image and sound, and cover a wide range of subjects including nature, adventuring, and mountain settings.

Confessions of an Instagram Addict

I hate to say it, but I am an Instagram addict. I see friends and they tell me, “Oh I loved your photos on Instagram, you really post a lot!” A back-handed compliment, praised tinged with judgment. I don’t really know anyone in my personal life who uses the medium so ardently, so consistently, so obsessively, and to what end?

Commonwealth Conundrum broadcasting live from the Wildside Festival tomorrow

Have a taste for theater in these cold times?  Then tune in tomorrow to hear from artists who will be performing at the Wildside Festival at the Centaur Theater, happening from January 7th - 17th.  Rebecca from the Comonwealth Conundrum show will be broadcasting live, interview performers and artists from the festival from 4-6PM.  Be sure not to miss it as it's sure to be a crazy romp into the minds of the creative people who will presenting the plays.