Art Matters team on Champions of the Local Scene: Today at 6pm!

Today on Champions of the Local Scene- Abby from Psychic City will be talking all things Art Matters with team members Laurent Viau-Lapointe and Edwin IsfordThe 15th edition of Art Matters festival is happening March 7-21 across various spaces in Montreal.

Theatre Review: 'We Are Not Alone' is an autobiographical journey into the world of UFOs

We Are Not Alone is a one man show written and performed by four-time Dora award winner Damien Atkins . This play was directed by Chris Abraham (Crow's Theatre) and Christian Barry (2b Theatre) and is currently being presented at the Segal Theatre until March 15th, 2015.

Matthew Melton Interview

Prince Palu & Oncle Ian from The Go-Go Radio Magic Show invite you to tune in this Friday, March 6th to hear a live phone interview with Austin, Texas musician Matthew Melton. As a core member of bands that include Snake Flower 2, Bare Wires, and Warm Soda—plus two wicked solo albums released on Southpaw Records—Matthew has created an essential catalogue of music for folks who enjoy infectious pop hooks and fist-pumping rock 'n' roll.

Psychic City Talks with The Real McKenzies!

Today at 5pm: a special edition of Psychic City! Abby will be chatting with Paul Mckenzie from The Real Mckenzies about 23 years of being Canada's premiere Celtic Punk band, and their influence on carving out the genre! The Real Mckenzies' new album Rats in the Burlap is out on March 24th in Canada on Stomp Records and April 7th on Fat Wreck Chords for the rest of the world!

Mad Parish - Procession

Self-Released 2014

Right from the very first notes of the opening song "Darkness Befalls This Cursed Land", you know you're in for a trip down metal lane. The classic fade in sets you up for the righteous metal saga that Procession so eloquently weaves from beginning to end.

I really dig the way that no riff sounds rushed. The spacing accomplished in these arrangements are brilliantly suited for Josh McConnell's classically-highish metal vocals. I quite like when and where you can find the vocals in the midst of all of these tasty hooks.

Holograms of summer

"Holograms of summer" is a winter survival mix curated by CJLO alumnus and former Sucker Blues host Simon Howell.

Uhhh so I haven't had a radio show for a little while now but I figured I'd give this a crack. Sunny summery jams of the balearic beach beardo / sunny psychedelia / synth-pop / dance-pop / pastoral variety. Etc. And some other junk. Enjoy.

Simon is a writer, editor, radio host, and co-founder of Sound On Sight.

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"PostPunk.Goth.Winter.Survival" is a winter survival mix tape curated by CJLO Production Director Patrick McDowall.

A little doom, gloom, and hopelessness to bask in until the sun shines again!

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PostPunk.Goth.Winter.Survival from mcdrzl on 8tracks Radio.


"TUNDRA 4EVER" is a winter survival mix tape curated by CJLO Campus Outreach & Volunteer coordinator Lucy Marshall-Kiparissis. This mix has 45 moody minutes of "winter wallowing" all-Canadian post-rock and droney goodness.

Near-hypothermia? Sure. Snow blindness? Fine. Wind storms shaping the city into a deserted moonscape? BRING 'EM ON. Winter was great and I hope it lasts forever in a climate-defying vortex of darkness, deal with it.

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Summer Craves

"Summer Craves" is a winter survival mix tape curated by CJLO volunteer extraordinaire Matteo Ciambella. Donna Summer reveries, dreams, party time poolside beach jams, summer glitters, dance floor sweats, sea waves, milkshakes, and secret '80sss craves with a sprinkle of other things too!

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summer craves from matteociambella on 8tracks Radio.



"Wntr Srvvl" is a winter survival mix tape curated by Oncle Ian from The Go-Go Radio Magic Show. Psychedelic, lo-fi, and garage rock tracks to get you through the "BRRR".

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Wntr Srvvl from WorriedDevil on 8tracks Radio.