Out-Machine'd: A review of NB2

It's always good to subject yourself to new experiences, right? Especially in the world of electronic music, "I don't like it" is a forbidden phrase. The negative opinion on close-mindedness in music is exactly what got me interested in attending NB2 - An event that carries the torch from the early 2000s heyday of industrial music. Grandbaby of the C.O.M.A Festival that took place from 2004 to 2007, the event is two nights of all different genres of music that would be considered underground, or fall under the industrial umbrella in today's electronic music culture. The other big plus? Save for the headliners, all of the talent performing at Bar le Ritz for the two night celebration are from Canada, mostly from Quebec.

Drone Day 2016 - tomorrow 5/28 at La Plante

CJLO will once again be participating in Drone Day this year.  If you want to come out to hear the droney goodness, stop on by La Plante at 185 Van Horne from 4PM onwards.  We at CJLO will be broadcasting the entire event through our Mixlr page.

If you think you'll be craving more, check out Drone Day's website where they'll be broadcasting all of the Drone Day festivities from coast to coast all day long.  Check out the Facebook page for more info on the Montreal event.


As I'm sure many of you electronically inclined individuals out there know, MUTEK is coming up. For those of you who don't know what MUTEK is, or know it's an electronic festival and want more details, here's a brief synopsis of why many of us get so hyped each year.

CJLO's Metal Shows Get a Brand New Look! Part 1

CJLO is home to six "official" metal shows, and a few others (including mine), that mostly play metal but appear as red and not black on the CJLO on air schedule. Shows like mine understand the benefit of seeming like any ordinary ol' rock show, while playing some of the heaviest music. By making ourselves seem accessible and harmless, we fulfill every parental fear by luring virgin ears to the devil's music.

Today: Syd Perry on World Beat News (12pm) + Saturday on Anatomy of Caribbean Music (8pm)

Today at noon, Syd Perry will stop by the studio to talk to Gee Weekes on World Beat News. He will be back again on Saturday for Anatomy of Caribbean Music (Saturdays 8pm-10pm), so take note!

Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix

"Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix" is a spring fever mix tape brought to you by Zakary Slax from Slax Trax, Tuesdays at 5PM. Specializing in the wild and weird strains of rock and/or roll!

Press play:

Track list:

#CJLOGoesMoog: Day Four

Today was a short day fro me, thanks Air Canada for booking me on an early flight. 

Despite my brief amount of time, I managed to see some great stuff!

#CJLOGoesMoog: Day Three

A conversation with Ben Frost and Tim Hecker. Photo taken by author. 

#CJLOGoesMoog: Day Two

Today began bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to talk radio at the panel on Radical Radio. I was especially excited for this discussion, not only because I am a self-professed radio nerd, but one of the speakers was a college radio alumni of mine, Anna Friz, from back in the day at CITR 101.9fm in Vancouver.

#CJLOGoesMoog: Day One

I spent part of the day getting acclimatized to Durham, North Carolina, figuring out the lay of the land, so to speak.