FRINGE 2015: Fringe Tunes – Mozart's Sister

June 19th. It was the last Friday night of the Fringe Fest.

On the streets of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, flocks of cheerful and light-hearted people were meandering from one venue to another hoping to witness their favourite theatre show.

Amidst all of the commotion as I was skeetering through the crowded streets to reach my destination, a silhouette – much like a ghost – dashed past me and evaporated into the air as soon as it has quickly passed through the doors of Le Divan Orange.

FRINGE 2015: Is This Pretentious?

Team Greco’s play Is this Pretentious? borrows the conventions of a well-loved reoccurring comedy sketch in a late night variety show, à la Saturday Night Live.

The bare bones set, the larger than life foil characters, and the line deliveries that keep character interactions feeling semi-improvisational, are all defining features of this short, and conceptually strong show.

FRINGE 2015: Fringe Tunes – Hua Li x Seoul

Aside from theatre shows, galleries, late-night parties and the like, the Montreal Fringe Festival showcased some of the best talent within Montreal’s indie music scene. Here’s what one of our correspondents – Joana Cumo from Je Suis TBA & Charts and Crafts, took note of from the set of concerts that recently happened at the Fringe Park during the festival.



Phantastiq Cypha goes Geektastiq Cypha: Thurs @ 10pm

Thursday, June 25th Geektastiq Cypha Returns (10pm to Midnight). This edition is sponsored by Key Issues Comics who will be at Montreal Comiccon at Booth 3038 & 3040 (July 3-5). The crew will be covering some Marvel Cinematic Universe, a few new Sci-Fi shows and even have a BotCon segment. Special guests include Wendel James, Goser James, Tobi Ojo, Akil Roberts, and Brandon Calder.

Want to be part of the conversation? Text message 514-848-7471 during the show on Thursday, June 25th from 10pm to Midnight.

AIM Electronic Music Festival: Innovation with a fun-loving spirit- Are you in?

CJLO is celebrating the first edition of the most exciting new music festival in Quebec. That's right, we're sending 5 people and their best friends to Montreal's AIM Electronic Music Festival this weekend FOR FREE! Contest details here... But what's AIM all about, you might ask?

FRINGE 2015: Beat Sexü at Le Divan Orange

It was Thursday night. June 18th. While you could hear the loud raindrops outside on the streets of Montreal, the music pouring in was much louder inside Le Divan Orange.

FRINGE 2015: Myth Mirrors Punk & Allie Weigh's Inn - Deciphering the human experience

Life is all about stories. Whether that's the latest TV show we shamelessly binge on or a feel-good bedtime tale we anticipate when we're young, stories spark both our curiosity to learn about the world and ourselves.

Notably, stories of the human experience come in all shapes and sizes. Some wonderful. Others upsetting. Many fascinating.