Today @ Noon: Spotlight on KickDrum Winter Marathon

Montreal, city of festivals, has a brand new one to help get us through the humdrums of January and escape the winterblues! KickDrum Winter Marathon began yesterday and features scores of local talent like CTZNSHP, No Aloha, Fleece, Smokes, Technical Kidman, and many more! For the next few nights, KickDrum will be presenting shows all over our fair city, including Friday night at Reggie's with Fleece, Clay and Friends, and Raveen; which CJLO is stoked to co-present!

TODAY: The Starting Rotation: Now Wednesdays 2-4pm featuring Patrick O'Sullivan + more!

Coming up, The Starting Rotation's first live show of 2016- in their fresh new time slot: Wednesdays 2-4 PM! The team will be talking Canadiens de Montréal with TSN 690's Amanda Stein. We'll also have kick boxer Emilio Greco who will be fighting on January 18th, and ex-NHL forward Patrick O'Sullivan, the author of Breaking Away: A Harrowing True Story of Resilience, Courage and Triumph, a look into his story of surviving childhood abuse while trying to make his dream of playing hockey a reality. Tune in for all this and more, today 2-4 PM!

Psychic City Talks with The Holds: Today @ 11:30am

The Holds have a live in studio interview with Abby on Psychic City this morning at 11:30am! The band has their EP launch Jan 29th at O Patro Vys ! Tune in for the latest and greatest in new music, Psychic City- Wednesdays at 11am!

TONIGHT @ 6pm: RIP David Bowie- Commonwealth Conundrum Goes Full Bowie

As we collectively grieve the great artist David Bowie and his monumental influence on music, culture, art and fashion- tune into The Commonwealth Conundrum Show tonight for some Bowie solidarity, 6-7pm. It will be an hour of full Bowie tribute, so tune in as we pay homage to this legend. Rest in Peace, DB.

Metal Monday: Top 100 of 2015 in Loud / Metal

2015 was a banner year full of big name releases, and we at CJLO got in on all the action. Since it's the first Metal Monday of the year, we thought we'd get ready for 2016 by taking a look back at 2015 and seeing what our DJs spun the most. This list is compiled from all the chartable weeks of the year.

Some notes for you to ponder while you read this over:

R.I.P. Lemmy: BVST pays tribute tonight from 7 - 9PM

Hey, this is Angelica from BVST. Lemmy's death this past Monday night left me, along with legions of fans worldwide, stunned and sad. The silence he leaves in his wake is deafening. In his honor, tonight's episode of BVST is going to be a bit different. Tune in to hear classic Motörhead tracks, along with songs featuring Lemmy on vocals (including some surprising covers), interspersed with audio and interview clips of both Lemmy and the many people he inspired. 

Bucketlist's top of the year special - today from 2 - 4PM

When our comrades over at Bucketlist asked if they could present their top albums of the year, we were more than happy to oblige them. Their staff of writers and photographers picked out their personal top 5 as well as their top song of the year and you'll get to hear them today from 2 - 4PM. For more info on Bucketlist, to check out some of their album and show reviews, and to read their collective top of the year list, go check them out at the link above.

EDIT: Missed the original air date?  Well you're in luck.  The audio is now up on this page.  Click the play button to listen in!


Before we start this countdown, let's state the obvious: there are some great films released this year that I haven't gotten around to seeing yet. Also, this list is ever-changing, so as 2015 becomes 2016 you can check back as we update it via Letterboxd. A big thank you to guest contributor and movie aficionado Sean S.