Win tickets to see the new movie CHALLENGERS!

Happy Monday! We’re thrilled to be giving away two pairs of tickets to see the highly anticipated new film CHALLENGERS.

International Women's DJ on CJLO!

It’s International Women’s DJ (IWDJ) 5th edition, March 5-8, 2024, at CJLO and we could not be more excited to share specially curated mixes by these amazing DJs!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2-4pm starts off with a beautifully “mellow by nature” mix by UK’s Marshmello followed by Italy’s Mantis with broken rhythms and captivating vocals from all over the globe.


Well, here we are in 2024 and after 25 years CJLO 1690 AM is stronger than ever! This past year we felt the love from our unstoppable community raising over 12,000$ for our funding drive! We booked over 25 sessions and had countless interviews with artists from the Montreal scene and abroad. Need proof? We released our mixtape Baked in the Oven Vol. 5 that features raw performances from innovative artists!


Every year at CJLO we ask our staff, DJs, and volunteers to tell us all their favourite things of the past year. Much like 2023 itself, this list is an eclectic mix. Join us for recommendations of albums, songs, films, snacks, and other experiences you may have missed this past year. Happy New Year from your favourite campus-community radio station!

BVST Goes Santapalooza XII: The 12 BVSTs of Santapalooza

Surprise, it's Santapalooza! More specifically it's BVST Goes Santapalooza XII: The 12 BVSTs of Santapalooza on CJLO 1690AM! Join BVST host Angelica as she's joined by special guest Matt Kiernan for an annual heaping helping of carefully curated Christmas music surprises!

A Goodbye From Your Outgoing Hip Hop Music Director

I don't know where to begin to communicate how much gratitude I have for CJLO 1690 AM and everyone I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last three years. I reached out to the station on a whim in 2021, and the first episode of Purple Hour aired just weeks later. The excitement, expression, and ambition this show lit in me was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Just a few months into my tenure at CJLO, I had the honour of taking on the role of Hip Hop Music Director (more like hip hop/R&B/soul/funk music director). Coming from Toronto, when I moved to Montreal to study at Concordia, I was shocked by the lack of presence these genres seemed to hold in the city and the lack of infrastructure in place to support them.

BEST OF 2022

The clock changes from 11:59PM to 12:00 AM, the month from December to January and with it: the year from 2022 to 2033. The one thing that doesn’t change here at CJLO, is the reflection of all that’s passed in the form of yearly ‘Best of” lists! Thank you to everyone who supports CJLO, a radio station for the people, by the people. Surely, this spirit will only continue fostering into the close-knit community that brings the city together! Without further ado, here are the CJLO’s staff picks of favourite 2022 releases!



Snow is falling and we're almost another year down, which means it's time for an annual end-of-year tradition on BVST... yes, the holiday spirit returns with a vengeance for Santapalooza XI! Once again, special guest Matt Kiernan joins Angelica for two hours of hollying and jollying today on Wednesday, December 21st at 7pm ET. No dusty old tracks here, only the most carefully curated Christmas music you didn't know you needed, don't miss it!


CJLO’S annual funding drive came to an end just a few days ago on October 31, and within the 11 days everyone partook in this drive, from programmers, to volunteers who helped at the events, and to those who donated of course, all had an important (and very cool) hand in far surpassing our goal of $5,500 and last year’s amount of $8270… with a record-breaking $10,166! 

CJLO's 2022 Funding Drive is Upon Us

We are well into October, and that means we’re about to kick off our annual Funding Drive! As we ramp up for that, here’s a quick overview of the incentive tiers from the station.

The 6th Edition of Metal March Is Back and Louder Than Ever!

Ho ho ho! It's Metal March time again! Gather round children as we tell tales of yelling voices, blast beat drums, and shredding guitars during this the loudest month at CJLO! When we started Metal March six years ago, we wanted to be able to celebrate not just loud music but also the contribution that loud music has made to the culture at large and how Montreal and CJLO have played into that, and this year is no different.

CJLO’s Top Played “Loud” Artists of 2021

Well, 2021 was quite a year wasn't it? It's a good thing we're in 2022 now, which we all know will be totally different from 2021 and isn't just an arbitrary number we've assigned based on our observations of us rotating around the sun. No, 2022 has already come in and solved all the problems that were left over from the last year.

Best of 2021

CJLO tends to attract community members who are intensely passionate about art, whether they’re creators, consumers, or both. As a result, checking out our yearly “best of” lists is a great way of keeping up with great releases that may have flown under your radar this year. With the station’s wide range of tastes, from crusty hardcore to electro-pop, there’s surely something for everyone to discover. Music-based lists also weren’t the only thing submitted, so make sure to look out for top movies as well!

BVST Goes Santapalooza X!

Did you blink sometime in the summer and suddenly find yourself in December? So did Angelica from BVST, who woke up and realized that it's time for holly-jollying and kris-kringling during her year-end xmas specials!

Festival du Nouveau Cinema celebrates its 50th Edition

It's been 50 years that the Festival du Nouveau Cinema has graced the Montreal festival scene, bringing the forefront of new international film to our backyard. This year things are back to business as usual, opposite of 2020’s necessary push to online screenings. This October the audience has both the option for online or in person viewings, the latter involving the city’s most renowned art house and independent cinemas. Special events to commemorate the 50 years include a master class with legendary filmmaker Jane Campion, as well as their usual prizes, VR presentations and much more.