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Hello there! Hope your Canada Day celebrations were great and it all went your way. Hope you spent it with family, ate great food and enjoyed summer weather.


Just stopped in to post about the shameful behaviour of Ontario's Premier, Dalton McGuinty. For those of you not following the story about how the security situation at the G-20 in Toronto devolved into such a mess, let's recap: For a couple of days preceding the summit everyone was under the impression that the province of Ontario – through a temporary regulation affecting the Public Works Protection Act – had given police the power to conduct searches and demand identification within five metres of the security fence erected for last weekend’s G-20 summit. people were under that impression because police acted as if that was the case.


The legislation was cited in the arrest of two activists last Thursday, neither of whom had tried to enter the zone. There is video evidence of officers citing the so-called five-metre rule as they demanded that one of those activists, stop filming video well outside the fence.


Chief Blair, told a reporter on Tuesday that he was willing to allow the public to continue to think that those police powers existed where they really didn’t, because he was “trying to keep the criminals out.” Chief Blair clearly has a lot to answer for, but it was McGuinty and the Liberals who put this mess in motion, and did not put an end to it when they had the chance. Instead, Dalton McGuinty has washed his hands of the police mistreatment allegations.


Seems to be a cowardly act by someone who was only too happy to suspend the civil rights of Canadians for reasons that seem to have nothing to do with peace, order and good government. Sounds a lot like "shut-up, do what we tell you or we'll throw your sorry ass in the clink!" All the weekend before a holiday that celebrates our country and our democracy. We hope the citizens of Ontario are keeping score.


The pictures make us wonder, were these guys separated at birth?