At the Movies Fantasia Recap - Week 3!

The Final Lap

On the last day of the 20th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, I knew that it was time to hustle as many films in as possible. Even though I am in the rookie number of films viewed this year, I am content with every film the festival has bestowed upon my eyes. I hoped to participate in four screenings on the last day.


Tower has to be one of the most innovative and creative spins to the documentary genre. Keith Maitland keeps the documentary simple and formulaic, as a piece of oral history. The narrators are those that experienced the 1966 Austin Texas shooting that happened at the hands of Charles Whitman from the clock tower of University of Texas. It is the blending both of the archival footage and the paint brush animation that adds a layer of innovation to this documentary.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is a German film directed by Stephan Rick. It is a psychological thriller about a man who lives a mundane life as a wealthy pharmaceutical lawyer, who gets involved with some recreational drug users. He has a truly transformative experience under these mushrooms that cause his erratic behaviour. He must find out what's become of him before the forces take him out. Beautifully shot cinematography with an impressive score, but sadly none of the Pink Floyd classics.

Man Underground

Man Underground, from directors Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine, has to be one my underrated gems of the festival. I had no intentions of viewing this movie, yet I am so happy I got to see something that is truly and exemplary little indie film. Willem (George Basil) is certain the United States government is hiding aliens. As part of an expose he enlists his best friend (Andy Rocco) and the girl from the local diner (Pamela Fila) to star in a no-budget DIY film to expose the truth. At times the film is comically funny, but also the sad clown shows its face well to create the atmospheric sense of drama.

Blood Father

Blood Father is a pulsating action film from director Jean-François Richet, that brings Mel Gibson out of retirement. The film is a story about a father in substance recovery, who must protect his estranged daughter from a drug cartel and sicarios. Gibson has some fun with himself as the washed up Hollywood action star, but still has the action hero qualities. Just watching the motorcycle scene brings back memories of Mad Max.


The 20th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival had a little bit of everything for genre audiences to sink their eyes into. As the festival closes I am looking forward to regular sleeping hours, but telling everyone about the small films that need the publicity that the festival champions. If you can at least one person, you know you have championed a film that is something special to the genre audience.


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