At the Movies Fantasia Recap - Week One!

Fantasia 2016

During the first week of Fantasia, the real world hindered my abilities to run the Fantasia marathon, best sprinted by Satty (Shibuya Crossing) and Angelica (BVST). I did participate in two screenings, though!

King Dave was outside of the festival circuit, and let me just say the experience was a marathon, when your movie starts at 12:45 and the box office decides to open at 12:35. However, I made it despite only missing a couple of trailers. The film was not what I expected from Daniel Grou (Podz); you can read my full review right here in the CJLO Magazine.

King Dave

I was able to join the regular festival marathoners Angelica and Andrew (Grade A Explosives) for the premiere of Lights Out. Andrew and I talked about his nonexistent expectations for Let Me Make You a Martyr, and we also went into some of the documentaries screened at Fantasia this year, including For the Love of Spock and Beware the Slenderman, the latter of which Andrew had some issues with the length of the film.

Let Me Make You a Martyr

Lights Out created a powerful surge at Fantasia. This is my first film with the Fantasia audience, and let me just say the crowd was electric. The film is directed by David Sandberg and produced by one of the new masters of horror, James Wan. From the title alone, you can already guess that the conventional genre trope in this film will be darkness. However, the film also pays homage to the classic strong feminine characters of the horror genre. It also defies the villain archetype by having a female villain. What I loved the most about this film was the Fantasia audience's reaction. There were few screams gasps best associated with the genre, but there was laughter at the right moments and applause for the characters on screen depending on their actions.

Lights Out

As the first week came to an end, I made a pledge to catch up when the festival hit its second week mark!


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