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It's been all over the media already but I thought I should post top story of the last couple of days anyhow: Obama replaces McChrystal with General Petreus. In short, he found a way to dump McChrystal, for his ridiculous statements to a Rolling Stone reporter, and thus avoid being called a wimp or milquetoast. He did it without upsetting his Afghan allies, and the lack of uproar from the right on this speaks to his canniness on dealing with the crisis. No doubt after a weekend of thinking it over the right will emerge with quibbles but you can put his handling of this in the victory column for Barrack.


Rachel walks us through all the complicated issues in play including the COIN strategy and whether or not Obama should use this crisis as an excuse to re-evaluate the war and its' goals. The point that this is, and has been of late, an unsexy war which mirrors what I've been saying for weeks. This decision will affect Canadians serving in Afghanistan. We'll learn how soon enough but hopefully it will be for the better as Petreus is a more flexible individual than the blood and guts McChrystal was.

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