Battle Of The Bands - The Judges Pt. 2

Omar Goodness is a devoted man. CJLO's music director (and host of "Hooked On Sonics") has spent countless (read: probably thousands of) hours, wasting precious moments of his life listening to a large amount of music spanning differing genres, some of it good, most of it pretty bad. He feels as though he's earned the right to sit in judgement of the bands performing. His mom calls him "nice, humble and caring", a just and righteous man fit for holding the proverbial gavel. Goodness also tends to wear his musical heart on his sleeves: his love of all that combines noise and pop, the sweet and the sour, merged with the strange lust for the mathtacular, angular rock that lives in the bowels of his being are plainly evident to anyone who's been inside CJLO's studios over the last near-decade. His turn-offs include sucking and "choosing style over substance", as well as most nu-metal bands.

The way to Goodness's heart is paved with explosions and other displays of overt pyromania, so bands wishing to bribe him just do well to keep this in mind.

BVST host (as well as layout guru) Angelica claims that being judgmental is what she's best at. Her mother explains that inside of that iron fist she calls a soul, there's a "fair human being". Her cool reserve as well as her ability to dish it out liberally makes her an ideal judge for this particular battle. Having put in her time in the annals of the Canadian music industry (working at one of the country's biggest independent labels for a while), she will take no guff. She can tell good from bad, the terrible from the terrific. Her rock, metal, punk and country tendencies are on display through her Wednesday night show, the longest-running at the station. Don't piss her off by phoning it in or constantly begging the crowd to join in, because that won't work. She can smell that coming from a mile away. Exempt, though, are owners of sweet-ass beards and free brews. An easy bribe for a fierce figure.