Beard Of The Week #2: Samuel Beam

Beard Of The Week is a column of life, music, people, and their beards. Each week Lachlan Fletcher of The Subplot and Unabridged will give you a great beard and shed some light on its significance, hopefully helping both the bearded and unbearded alike down the road to enlightenment.

Samuel Beam,

of Iron & Wine

Beards can be great for many reasons. Take a moment to soak in the luxurious amber waves of Samuel Beam (aka Iron & Wine)'s facial adornment. Like what you see? I bet you do. This is because his beard transitions so well and easily into his flowing locks. It is a beard aesthetic rarely executed as well as can be seen above. His beard is in many ways reminiscent of his music; delicate yet full, manly yet open to new experiences. Iron & Wine is often compared Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and other singer-songwriters who strive for original song structure and a unique voice.