Beard Of The Week #3: Scott Niedermayer

Beard Of The Week is a column of life, music, people, and their beards. Each week Lachlan Fletcher of The Subplot and Unabridged will give you a great beard and shed some light on its significance, hopefully helping both the bearded and unbearded alike down the road to enlightenment.



Scott Niedermayer


You may notice that this week's beard has absolutely nothing to do with music. If you didn't notice that, I will point out that the picture above is, in fact, one of a hockey player, not a musician (to the best of my knowledge Mr. Niedermayer doesn't play any instruments). However, mere hours before this writing Scott Niedermayer captained Team Canada to a gold-medal finish at the quadrennial display of frozen-precipitation-based jingoism known as the Winter Olympics, thus officially making Canada the object of international respect and bestowing upon this nation's people ever-lasting glory, or something.
Just look at this man's beard. It is one of the most dignified specimen you could come across. The salt and the pepper combining so effectively, enticing you to just crawl up into the beard and go to sleep... (or is it just me?). And in this particular photo, the look in his eyes just make him seem so world-weary and insightful, like he plays hockey merely to gain insight into the human condition. He's like the Dr. Manhattan of hockey. 
Scott Niedermayer was drafted in 1991 third overall by the New Jersey Devils. He has won multiple Stanley Cups with both the Devils and the Anaheim Ducks (post-Mighty) as well as World Championship gold.