Beard Of The Week - Freeway

This week's beard comes recommended from none other than CJLO's own distinguished program director/host of The Phantastiq Cypha, Doc Holidae. When trying to sell me on this particular beard, the only thing he had to say was "neck beard." Yes, this week's edition is the premier of neck beards on BOTW!

This man is known as Freeway, and he raps the raps. He has rapped these raps in affiliation with Roc-A-Fella Records, and by extension Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel. In 2009, Freeway signed to Cash Money Records and started up his own label, Free Money Records.
Freeway's beard creates conflicting feelings in this writer. It is somewhat nebulous in nature... seeming to exist more in time than space. It is free-flowing, almost zen. At the same time, it looks as if it is well trained in the art of kicking ass. It is a ninja beard, if ever there was one. To add another layer to this beard cake, Freeway keeps his beard in accordance with his Muslim faith. Muslim beard ninja? Awesome. Just awesome.
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