A Big Trade for the Habs

All throughout June, Montreal Canadiens’ General Manager Marc Bergevin has been making headlines with trade news that have kept fans on their feet. Just a few weeks shy of the Shea Weber vs P.K. Subban one-year anniversary, Bergevin strikes again. This time, by acquiring forward Jonathan Drouin. For the fans complaining about the lack of style, flash, and excitement, especially after P.K.'s trade, you will all be well served.

Sainte-Agathe native Jonathan Drouin, 22, is expected to hype up the crowds at the Bell Centre this upcoming season. While he played with the Tampa Bay Lightning, a high number of goals, assists and points boosted his career. If you have not seen him play yet, his ability to score goals might just blow you away. Despite his young age, he could possibly become the fastest and most skilful player on the team.

Drouin is a secured bet for the Habs who have been in desperate need for back up on offence this season. Defenceman Mikhail Sergachev, on the other hand, remains only a prospect. Despite a questionable start of the season, Sergachev’s junior career seems to be picking up quite fast.

With the expansion draft, amateur draft, and the free agency frenzy on July 1st, the upcoming weeks should be exciting for hockey fans. Each move made by The Canadiens will be pivotal not only for Bergevin’s General Manager position, but for the entire organization.


Image credit: The Canadian Press.