Breathe with BVST on CJLO Tonight!

While heavy, angry music is a great way to soothe the savage beast, tonight, you deserve a two hour break. Take a deep breath and join Angelica for a very special BVST on CJLO. Instead of your customary best (& worst) of rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, come enjoy a smooth, relaxing mix of sounds, music, and audio clips designed to make the harsh reality of the day melt away, so you can rise ready to rage again tomorrow. Experience a quieter, gentler BVST tonight from 7 to 9pm ET, only on CJLO 1690AM /!
The show won't have regular talk spots, but here is some of the audio you can look forward to on tonight's show.
Marconi Union - Weightless
From Wikipedia: "On 16 October 2011, Marconi Union created an eight-minute track, titled "Weightless", in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. According to scientists at the Mindlab institution (a commercial 'neuromarketing' company) it induced a 65% reduction in overall anxiety and brought test subjects' resting pulse rates to 35% of their usual resting rates."
Bob Ross / Audio from Twilight Beauty (Season 27 Episode 1)
Mountain Meditation
Tibetan Singing Bowl Music
Mark Williams and Danny Penman - Mindfulness of Body and Breath