Canada Day Eve - New Media and Politics


Hope you're getting ready to celebrate the year's best holiday. It comes without snow, without carols, without tinsel (unless your in Ottawa or somewhere where the citizens are particularly chauvinistic about our country), without massive financial obligations and the weather is generally pretty sweet. Sadly there's plenty of news to report on even though Parliament's on holiday until September.

In the aftermath of the G20 and G8 summits I'm in good company here in Quebec with being disappointed in what took place - a lot of ink is being spilled! In Toronto, they're busy trying to justify the thuggish behaviour of the security forces and the billion dollar bill that Canadians paid for this shameful usurpation of Canadian's rights. The weapons that were "seized" and put on display as justification for the jack-booted acts is a laughable assortment of boys toys and items purchased at a Canadian Tire fire sale. Embarrassingly for those in charge of security they have been forced to admit they just made up rules and regs as they went along. We will be holding our breath for accountability at the coming inquiry into these events.


Lastly, as far as the summit is concerned, a report on the Toronto police letting the black block run rampant for one and a half hours before acting. Was this done to justify the outrageous costs?


Word that a prosecutor is going to re-open the Dziekanski investigation.


Richard Fadden, the head of CSIS, who made some eye opening claims about foreign influence on Canadian politicians, will appear before the committee between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET Monday.

And Quebec has dared to anger drug makers with a price cut on generic drugs. good for them!