CJLO at OUMF- Live Broadcasts and OUMF Picks!

OUMF is taking over Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles to celebrate all things back-to-school! Whether its music, comedy, sports, or street art- there's a lot of OUMF to be had! This year’s line-up features FREE performances by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid, Loud Lary Ajust, John Jacob Magistery, IDALG, RYMZ, CeasRock, Samito, Hein Cooper and many more! Find the details and full schedule here.

CJLO will be live broadcasting on site today (just off of Saint Denis/ de Maisonneuve), bringing you behind-the-scenes content and talking to OUMF organizers to help you decide what you can't miss! Dirty Work and Hooked on Sonics will be live from from 4-8pm, so come on over and tell us what you are looking forward to at OUMF. Tomorrow, (Friday 6-8pm) The Go Go Radio Magic Show will bring their blend of garage, psychedelic, soul n blues to start your weekend right! Come have a beer with Prince Palu and Oncle Ian before taking in the night’s music!

Wondering what to check out? CJLO’s Je Suis TBA (Mondays at 6pm) and World Music Director Kelly Belfo (aka Kell Bell Fo) put together a list of picks to help guide your festival experience. Check it out!

Samito represents the new generation of "world music" bridging electronic waves to Afro-Luso sound. Based in Montreal, the singer-songwriter and music producer; also Revelation Radio Canada recipient 2015-2016 for WM, will make you dance until you lose your shoes. Check out his music video for his 1st single  “Tiku la Hina” and look out for Joyce N’sana’s cameo - CJLO’s World Music Artist Resident! Catch Samito Thursday (tonight!) at 7pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.

La Bronze is the fusion of Quebecois neon-pop with a sprinkle of "Habibi funk” 70’s funk from Morocco. Check out her Arabic version of Stromae’s hit song “Formidable”.  Catch La Bronze Thursday (tonight!) at 8pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE. 

Brown are two brothers - Snail Kid (Dead Obies) et Jam (K6A, Jam et P-Dox, AlaclairEnsemble) and their father, Robin Kerr. Together they bring to the stage a mix of frenglish hiphop and reggae. Their first single “brown baby” start with an explosive chorus: "Ton baby va être brun/ Your baby is going to be brown”. I mean, how awesome is that! Catch Brown Friday at 8pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE

Rymz - Du Rap Quebecois for those who are down for something dark à la plume explosive et aux rimes recherchées. Check out his single for his new album: Petit Prince. Catch Rymz Saturday at 8:45pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.

DJ Jazzy Jeff- For nostalgic folk who still watch The Fresh Prince of Belair on Netflix and those who follow the DJ/ Turntablist since day one or two. This is a Win-Win set - Watch Jazzy Jeff's Boiler Room London DJ set to get an insight on what to expect! Catch DJ Jazzy Jeff Friday at 10pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.

HeartStreets - the Female duo is making alt-pop music from the soul. Catch HeartStreets Saturday at 7:45pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.

Husser - Part of the Rap trio The Posterz. Catch Husser Friday at 7pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.

Skratch Bastid- “ Le DJ préféré de ton Dj préféré". Catch Skratch Bastid Friday at 9pm at SCÈNE PRINCIPALE.  

Find the details and full schedule of OUMF here.