CJLO Goes Metal!

Angelica hosts BVST every Wednesday at 7-9PM on CJLO. Tune in for the best (& worst) rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal!

Inspired by CJLO's brand new ultra-kvlt mega-krieg metal logo shirts, which you can buy at this coming Wednesday's awesome CJLO metal showcase at Katacombes, a whole bunch of CJLO shows have decided to give up their old ways and turn to the dark side instead. The shows you used to know and love have embraced their previously well-hidden love of metal, and are rebranding and relaunching as part of CJLO's heavy metal roster!

Up first, Twee Time! It's no secret that host Stephanie Dee likes it bleak and loud sometimes, and now she has a logo to match. Inspired by the starkness of Scandinavian runes, this new logo is just legible enough to keep her long time listening audience from running away in fear... for now.

Not so with the rebranding of Anatomy of Caribbean Music, where illegibility was the main inspiration. Taking cues from some of the pointiest death metal logos out there, the show now serves as a platform for all the Caribbean's heaviest bands (all thirteen of them as of last count in 2010).

We mustn't forget AutoBeat, who opted for a simple, yet stark, nod to everything Satanic. Thursday nights at 10 are now home to CJLO's live blood ritual broadcast (we're calling it the "bloodcast" for short), all set to the heaviest beats, et en français, naturellement!

Sunday's hostesses with the mostest of FunkShui, previously an acclaimed CJLO talk show, opted for a crossover style logo, to showcase their love of everything heavy! Nothing is off limits for these princesses of darkness, who definitely know how to put the FU in fun (and Funk Shui).

Speaking of talk shows (see what I did there?), New Media & Politics 2.0 used to expose corruption and stupidity in global politics, blasting the players with the most blood on their hands... now host Karl Knox specializes bloody, br00tal blast beats instead. Monday morning just got a lot less easy listening!

Of course, I'm just kidding. These shows are going to keep doing what they do best, and leave the head banging and horn throwing to CJLO's metal roster. Get mistaken for one of us and show your CJLO metal pride with one of our brand new shirts, featuring this somewhat illegible logo.

To get yours, come by Katacombes on Wednesday March 26th at 8:30pm for CJLO's latest metal showcase featuring Kill of Rights (with Kiran of Beyond That Graveyard! III, Fridays from 9pm to midnight), The End of Gallia, and In the Name of Havoc (with Orin from The Noisy Loft, Sundays from 8 to 9pm). Shirts are 15$ for the general public and 12$ for CJLO members!

You know what they say... the more illegible the logo, the heavier the radio station, right?