CJLO Pop Sessions: Hua Li- Wed @ 11am

Pop Montreal kicks off this week, and we celebrate the opening day with a live session featuring the one and only rapper Hua Li! Tune in Wednesday (tomorrow) at 11am to get you ready for POP Week with some sassy femme grooves- taking over the AM waves (and ya, your internet too, kids!)  "Hua Li's hazy R&B and revolutionary rap cuts to the bone and shakes your frail ass to the ground. Subversive and sexy, Hua Li is Canada's only half-Chinese, half-militant, half-rapper." - POP MTL 

The session will be hosted by CJLO's newly crowned Hip Hop Music Director DJ Amrew Weekes AKA Lady Oracle, from CJLO's longest running Hip Hop show: The Limelight! Tune in to hear these radical ladies chat Montreal hip hop, and preview what you don't want to miss at POP! There are three chances to catch Hua Li perform in various capacities- including Friday at Bar Le Ritz PDB with Let's Eat Grandma, Look Vibrant, and CaveboyFeminist Live Reads Presents: Ocean's Eleven (a live reading with all proceeds going to The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal- Saturday at 5pm), and Sunday afternoon with a special performance at Wake Island's BBQ at Pop Quarters (3450 St Urbain). 

Stay tuned to cjlo.com for more CJLO Pop Sessions, live from The Oven Studio at CJLO- AND don't forget to visit us live from Pop Quarters at our CJLO POP BBQ Sept 22nd, 1-6pm!

photo: Stacy Lee