Daughter @ Théâtre Corona

Presented by Evenko

The indie folk band Daughter was in town on Saturday, March 5th, returning for a second time to a sold out Corona Theatre. They met an enthusiastic crowd as they took the stage; filling the intimate setting provided by this unique venue with their slow, melodic make you feel things kinda music. Lead by the stunning vocals of lead singer Elena Tonra, fans were immediately captivated by every sound the London, England based trio produced. Elena could barely get a word in between the cheers of adoring fans after their opening song "How" letting out a nervous giggle and thanking everyone for being there. 

The diversity of this band, which may not be apparent when listening to their recorded albums, certainly came out in their live show. This is a talented group of artists who are really pushing the boundaries of their music. By no means did they simply take the stage and play their instruments for the hour and a half length of their set. The number of instrument changes by all members of the band; guitars, keyboards and drums included, was an impressive feat I have rarely seen in other live acts. What it translated to was a wide range of sounds produced by the three; mystical harmonics, smooth guitar licks and captivating drum lines that completely consumed you. There where many times where I found myself completely lost in the moment.

The set was filled with a good mix of new and old tracks - many times throughout the show lead guitarist Igor Haefeli proclaimed how much they enjoyed playing the oldies. Crowd favourites included "Lifeforms", their new single "Doing the Right Thing", and by far the favourite track of the night was "Youth" which had the audience singing along to every word. Although at times a little rough around the edges, with a few pauses between songs and some minor technical difficulties, the band handled themselves well interacting with the crowd and finding the humour in the situation. 

Daughter is currently on a North American tour promoting their second full length album, Not To Disappear. If you weren't fortunate enough to catch them this time around, you'll have another chance this coming August when they return to Montreal to play Osheaga.