Disqualifications barely mentioned at CSU council meeting

After a day spent discussing it at length, the disqualification of both CSU slates was barely mentioned at Wednesday night’s council meeting. The issue was left off of the agenda, much to the disappointment of those watching from home, hoping for some answers. 

Before issuing her presidential report, Heather Lucas issued a statement on behalf of the CSU. It condemned the decision, calling it shocking and unfortunate. Lucas also reinforced that the current executive will have no hand in the ruling.

Chief Electoral Officer Oliver Cohen was noticeably absent from the meeting. He has been unreachable since he emailed the candidates.  

At this point, not much can be done until the slates file a grievance with the judicial board. They have four more days to do so. The current CSU will stay on until another is elected.

As for Oliver Cohen, an Annual General Meeting has been mandated for May ninth. He will be required to present his election report.

For more information on the disqualifications click here.