Everything P.K. Subban!

I swear, I think every article I write for CJLO always ends up being about P.K. Subban! That’s how PK likes it, is it not? Being the center of attention, having the focus on him.

I told myself I wouldn't write about PK because quite frankly, I never thought the Nashville Predators would make it this far. Surely, the Chicago Blackhawks would beat them in five games in the first round right? Wrong. Nashville swept, four games, and that was it for the defending Stanley Cup champions. Round two, the veterans St. Louis Blues, who have been favourites to win it all year after year for the last little while, would take care of business right? Wrong. My last hope, the Anaheim Ducks. It was chippy, hard-nosed, but in the end... P.K. and the Nashville Predators are going to the Stanley cup Final!

Enter the Pittsburgh Penguins. Enter Sidney Crosby and top point getter of these playoffs. Evgeni Malkin! Pittsburgh will get it done in five games. Or I sure hope they do. Pittsburgh have the better goaltender, better forwards to handle Nashville's incredible top 4 defensemen. P.K. is a nice addition to a stacked roster of players on defence. You see, P.K. is able to make a difference with his enthusiasm, and be the center of attention on and off the ice. On the ice, he is what we call in sports a gamer. However, he is not the unique reason Nashville made it this far. It’s easy to say Nashville won "the trade" when one of the two teams is in the finals and the other has been out the payoffs for a over a month; fair enough.

I don't hate P.K. Subban, and I do understand the love people have for him. He is charismatic, well-spoken, and the most exciting player this city has seen since... well… okay, I'm too young to have seen anyone that exciting to be honest. However, I do think the comments on Twitter, callers on French and English radio stations or Chez Serge re-branding their establishment to Chez P.K. is taking it way too far. It’s okay to be a fan, and the word fan itself serves its purpose in this case because it is short for "fanatic." His style of play makes him one of the most spectacular players in the game, but it is also a direct result of a certain sector of the media having a major bias. 

There is much hockey to be played before Shea Weber and Subban retire to really analyse which club won this trade. In any team sport, you can’t single out and blame one player or hold a player on a pedestal as it is in this situation for Subban. PK Subban is a great ambassador for the game, dynamic player on the ice and most of all, a perfect role model! Time to take off the blinders and let's all use some objectivity please!