Fantasia 2016: Live Long and Prosper!

My objective throughout this article is to describe and outline to you in great depth the fun-filled international film festival known as Fantasia. I shall go into great detail about what's involved in this festival and discuss why it would appeal to anyone and everyone. I will mention films I'd like to see while I am there, and why I want to see them. Afterwards I shall conclude with my personal opinion and insight on why I look forward to attend the event, and why I would recommend anyone to attend it.

Fantasia is both an event and a convention where people get together from all over the world to socialize and to discuss common interests such as films. Films of all types of genres are shown throughout the duration of the festival. Films that involve action heroes and fight scenes, films that involve love stories, and films that involve a great deal of sexuality are shown throughout the event. And of course there are cartoon films and films shown in different languages that possess these qualities just described. Fantasia also provides you with the opportunity to meet some your favourite actors in person because many A-list celebrity actors attend Fantasia as well.

For the Love of Spock is one of the films I would like to see while I am there because I am a life-long Star Trek fan and it's a documentary describing the life of the late Leonard Nimoy and the character Spock himself. The film is directed by Nimoy's son Adam, and not only does the film go into great depth about how Nimoy struggled as an actor before portraying Spock, it also exemplifies how Nimoy brought the character Spock to life, and how Spock somehow influenced the world we live in today. Live long and prosper.

The Bodyguard starring Yue Song as the character Wu-Lin is also a film I'd like to see at Fantasia. It's a story about a martial artist who struggles to find work shortly after the death of his sensei, but is eventually hired by a wealthy business man to be the body guard of his daughter. This is a film that appeals to me because it's an action film involving intense martial arts moves, and I find it fascinating that not only does Yue Song portray the main character, he also directs the film and does his own stunts.

Blood Father, starring none other than Mel Gibson, is another film I'd like to see. It's a film about a tattoo artist whose reunited with is daughter, and is put in a position to save her from drug dealers. It's directed by Jean-François Richet, and the film is also appealing to me because Mel Gibson is an actor who I've always respected as an action hero. I grew up watching films such as Bird on a Wire, Tequila Sunrise, and of course the Lethal Weapon film series. From what I've seen in the Blood Father film trailer, Gibson does not like look he has lost his touch at all as an action hero after all these years.

Fantasia is a festival I am immensely excited to not only attend but to participate in because it's an opportunity for me to meet people from different parts of the world who have both common and conflicted interests as me in terms of films, directors and actors. This itself provides the opportunity for me to partake in friendly debates. It will also provide me with the opportunity to meet actors who I grew up watching and admiring. I recommend Fantasia because of the various film choices the festival provides, and it's your chance to finally meet the actors who brought your heroes to life.


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