What can you say about a show that takes your breath away? Wherever I start, I promise that this all comes from the heart.

Bizarro Obscure was a rare gem. It was exceptional. Sydney Hayduk (Janis) and Christy Taronno (Jujube) are two incredibly talented triple threats who bring us on a journey of self discovery, self confidence, and self acceptance.

They told their story through singing, dancing, poetry and prose as well as through a collection of compelling characters made to carry your curiosity through the space-time continuum. They had huge personalities and great energy. They fearlessly brought their story in creatively executed, strange directions. The audience received a fair warning from the opening number that the show was going to be bizarre and obscure, and they certainly did not disappoint!

The visual aesthetic of the show was well crafted. Their colour scheme had black and white stripes with solid red. All of their props and costume pieces adhered very strictly to the theme, which tied everything together extremely well. Their attention to detail extended far beyond the surface of their design, with every action, dace move, song and poetry reading being incredibly well coordinated.

Their chemistry was palpable and the balance they created with one another was phenomenal. Their individual talents complimented each other so they were able to support each other without ever overshadowing. It was beautiful.

Their music was also amazing. Their songs were interesting and funny, but they also had unique rhymes and engaging rhythmic patterns and meters. That plus the music theory reference, plus their excellent performance of the music, plus their beautiful singing voices equals me loving this show so, so much. Even the comically bad triangle playing didn't make the percussionist in me cringe!

Both of these incredible women displayed more and more talents as the night went on, from convincingly portraying a 13 year old boy, to impressively accurate Russian accents, to remarkable resonance and tonal quality from snapping their fingers. This was a high-energy show that didn't shy away from breaking the fourth wall. If a set or costume piece malfunctioned, they weren't afraid to make fun of themselves and they elegantly incorporate fixing such problems into the show. The ease with which they did this is a mark of what excellent performers they were.

I have been told by other Fringe-goers that Bizarro Obscure is among their top picks from the festival this year, and it's not hard to see why I, too, hold it in extremely high regard, and recommend it to everyone. But catch it soon, there's only two shows left! You can find them at Petit Campus this Thursday and Friday. See you there!

Bizarro Obscure plays at Petit Campus, located at 57 Prince-Arthur E., at the following times:

- Thursday, June 16 from 20:00
- Friday, June 17 from 20:00


Erica Bridgeman is part of CJLO's Official Fringe Team covering the sights and sounds from the 2016 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. She also hosts The F Hole every Monday afternoon from Noon – 2pm ET, only on 1690AM in Montreal and online at