FRINGE 2016: The McSorley & Chung Magic Hour

The mark of a good magic show is wondering to yourself how on earth these tricks were done.

My uncle used to do magic tricks for my sister and I when I was younger. I remember truly believing it was magic when I was a kid. And then as I grew up, I started learning how some of them were done. I would watch really closely and try to figure out how to recreate them. I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means and I'm certainly no magician myself.

But I will say this about McSorley and Chung: I have no idea how they performed most of the tricks in their show.

I found the pacing of their show fairly slow, but it worked for what they were doing. Their formula was this: start off with something that looked basic and easy, then out of no where whip out something impressive really non-nonchalantly. They were both humble and modest, so whenever they did something particularly impressive it was even more unexpected. Of course, like all magicians, they sometimes had about them an air of bravado, but you could tell that beneath the showmanship were two genuine, friendly guys who really loved what they were doing.

Their whole show was really light-hearted and low key. They were funny and sweet and they embraced their own awkwardness in a way that was comical and relatable. They cracked jokes throughout the show (but never any eggs), and even talked about the history of magic and where some of their tricks came from.

I don't know how to say this without sounding patronizing and condescending, but they were both adorable and the show was really cute. I mean this is the best way possible. It was family-friendly so bring your well-behaved children who understand the concept of silent-amazement.

They're at the Black Theatre Workshop Studio this Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. See you there!

The McSorley and Chung Magic Hour plays at 3680 Jeanne-Mance with the following times: 

- Tuesday June 14 from 23:30
- Thursday June 16 from 22:15
- Saturday June 18 from 14:30
- Sunday June 19 from 19:00



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