FRINGE 2016: Sexpectations

Going into to SEXPECTATIONS, we'll admit to having a certain degree of SEXPECTATION. Having seen Maxine Segalowitz (aka Moxy Scallywagperform numerous times -- whether it be dancing in Festival Bouge D'Ici; her frenzied presence in Mainline Theatre's Rocky Horror Picture Show (2015); or her sassy comedic stylings in last year's fringe hit Is This Prententious? (by Team Greco), she's set her personal bar pretty high. Spoiler alert: She does not disappoint. 

In our CJLO Fringe preview (which you can listen here if you missed it), we described the quadruple threat (writer/performer/composer/dancer) Segalowitz as being the perfect combination of vaudevillian glamour and riot grrl grime. True to form, Sexpectations opens with Segalowitz in full Liza Minnelli drag, louche in floor-length black, mouthing along to Liza cracking wise about a divorce. Maxine is perfection as Minnelli and her ensuing turn as Liza's Sally Bowles is spot-on. 

The cabaret costume cast aside, the piece then shifts gears, taking us into a multi-media and multi-disciplinary exploration of performance and expectation, both within sexual relationships, as well as within the relationship between performer and audience. Notions of transaction, exchange and anticipation in a sexual liaison are explored in a piece of dance set to looping inner dialogue. Segalowitz dons both vertiginous black heels and a hoodie, elucidating the ways in which we perform desirability and "sexiness". She further explores these themes in a brilliant video marrying clowning and feminism, as Moxy Scallywag shares her make-up tips for success. The folly of over-consumption shines through a surrealist comedic lens- this is at once both a master's thesis and a hilarious bit, one might say key ingredients for comedy genius.

As this video plays, a shadowy figure struts up to the bar: a rebel-hearted Moxy Scallwag orders a beer and prepares to enter the audience. This sold-out Sunday matinee is filled to the brim. Moxy slips through the crowd, perching on laps, running fingers through hair, engaging the audience directly.  Questions circulate, feedback is solicited, and the audience becomes key in deciding where the show will go next, and ultimately, how it will end.

Whether this is your first taste of Moxy, or you are well acquainted, it surely won't be your last. When it is truly over, Moxy Scallywag will linger - encompassing your senses with a sensual folly - questioning your next move, and daring you to do the same.

Somewhere on the cusp of freedom and obligation, Moxy Scallywag will kiss off, leading a chorus of one woman glory.

Catch her next performance, Tuesday (That's tonight!!) at Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur E.) at 22:00, and for the rest of the festival at the following days and times: 

- Friday June 17 from 23:30
- Saturday June 18 from 16:30
- Sunday June 19 from 19:00


Ellen Smallwood and Sue Snyder are both part of CJLO’s Official Fringe Team covering the sights and sounds from the 2016 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival.

Sue is one of the several new Fringe Correspondents for this year; and Ellen is CJLO's Promotions and Fundraising Director; and the creator and co-host of The Audio Penpals, every Friday afternoon from 4pm – 5pm, only on 1690AM in Montreal and online at