GREEN DAY + New Found Glory + Sugarcult @ Bell Center

By Nikkie Landry - More Rock Than a Crack House - 11/04/04

On November 4th, I could have been at home watching the OC premiere, but instead I decide to spend the best 90.00$ I've ever spent and went to see the "godfathers of pop punk", Green Day.

I must admit, this was my first show at the Bell Centre, but the fact that there were so many people only made me realize how much of a big following Green Day has now. Youngsters and not-so youngsters reunited to see this unforgettable event.

The lineup was great to start with. I've always been a sucker for Sugarcult, and was surprised to see them playing at the Bell Centre, since last time they were in town, they played at Club Soda, opening for the Ataris. Although, their sound sucked, and their new stuff is so-so, they put on a great performance, warming up the crowd with great songs such as "Stuck In America" and "Bouncing Off The Walls".

After Sugarcult, it was obvious that everyone was ready to give a big warm Montreal welcome to the pop punk darlings, New Found Glory. Again, their sound wasn't too hot either (what is it with making the opening bands' sound sucky?!?), but their performance was impeccable, as always. They showed great enthusiasm toward the crowd and the crowd was obviously happy to see them in town again. They always put on a good show, mixing new songs and not so new songs. So it was a typical New Found Glory performance overall.

In between New Found Glory and the main attraction, Green Day, there was a drunk pink bunny that came onstage to dance to the tune YMCA… Not that this is relevant…or important, but it was funny. Finally, Green Day got on stage, not without big explosions, flamboyant flags and whatnot, starting off with their new single "American Idiot". They played a few new songs before getting into playing their older stuff. For their age, they were certainly in top shape, and got the crowd screaming fast enough. We not only got to see Billie Joe "masturbate" onstage, but also we got to see his shiny butt!!! They played some good old classics: "Brainstew/ Jaded", "Basket Case", "Longview", "Hitchin' A Ride" , etc… and got very involved with the crowd. They even had three people hop onstage and play their instruments, but Billie Joe gave a brand new Fender to the guitar player. At that point, they really got me wishing I had spent 15$ more on my tickets. Overall, Green Day gave us an amazing performance that was worth every penny.

I give this show an overall grade of 9.9/10 (that missing .1 is for the crappy sound!)

And *I* give More Rock Than a Crackhouse (Tuesdays from 10-Noon), a 9.9 on 10 for 'appropriate use of a laptop'. (I deduct .1 for playing Omar's crappy Drive Like Jehu albums)