Heat Wave! - New Media and Politics

I'm one of those who loves the heat and doesn't even mind when the temperatures soar into the mid-30's and beyond. My only complaint in the city would be when it comes without wind because then we get ground level ozone and smog alerts and you can't really do anything outside. I find it hard not to giggle when public health officials issue press releases telling people to stay cool. Good thing someone thought of that, otherwise there's no telling how I'd behave in this weather - drink plenty of liquids folks!

I'm happy to be proved wrong as in this case as it looks like there may actually be an independent inquiry into the police brutality that occurred at the Toronto G20 protest. Good thing too as there are reports of the police behaving shamefully like ripping off the prosthetic leg of a protester telling him it could be used as a weapon. Read this primer to get an idea of what exactly your right's are under such circumstances. Can't let them take away our right to protest bad policy peacefully.

 The Taser people don't understand why Braidwood made his conclusion without, what they say is, any evidence to support it (other than the video of Dziekanski being tasered and dying!) and they claim Braidwood failed to take into account all of the studies and material they provided. Unbelievable - and it's not like he's the first to die as a result of being tasered. Anything we can do to get these things out of the hands of Canadian police officers is a good idea.

Canada's Natural Resources Minister is looking down the barrel of an ethics probe. That's what you get for having dealings with Jaffer.

As a result of flooding out west financial aid for Prairie farmers will be a key issue when Canada's agriculture ministers get together in Saskatoon this week.