Heavy Fantasies: CJLO DJs Program Their Dream Metal Festival

Long before a pandemic shut down this city's many cultural events, it was announced that Heavy Montreal, the two day outdoor metal festival, would take a break in 2020. This had us thinking... what if we could program our fantasy lineup for an imaginary edition of Heavy Montreal? Check out what some of our metal DJs would love to see at Heavy MUnTreal, illustrated by Angelica of BVST!

Lineup by Andrew of Grade A Explosives — Sundays 4-6pm ET

Lineup by Chris the Frog of Sewer Spewer — Mondays 12-1pm ET

Lineup by Angelica of BVST — Wednesdays 7-9pm ET

Lineup by JP of The Iron Club — Sundays 10-11pm ET

Lineup by Philliam of Turn On the Darkness — Wednesdays 1-2pm ET


Angelica hosts BVST every Wednesday at 7:00 PM on CJLO 1690AM. Tune in for the best (& worst) rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal!