H.E.R. at MTELUS, Nov 20 2018

One of the most inspiring concerts I’ve been to in a while. I Used to Know Her Tour features young artists who have multitasked attending school while pursuing their passion. They are ambitious souls who are born to entertain.

New Jersey native Tone Stith was the first artist on stage opening up for 200 plus R&B fans at MTELUS on Tuesday night. His soft falsetto voice had the crowd screaming and reaching their hands out for more. Tone Stith is fairly new in the game and got his biggest jump in the soundtrack for the latest sport comedy film Uncle Drew. Tone Stith is on the track Light Flex from the movie with 2 Chainz. After performing a few of his popular songs Tone Stith took a selfie with the crowd and told his fans they can meet him at the merch stand at the end of the show.

Up and coming Philadelphia rapper Bri Steves picked up the energy and really pumped the crowd for the main act. She performed her hit song “Jealousy” twice, which borrows a chorus from Jon B’s 1997 song “They Don’t Know.” In between songs, Bri Steves spoke to the audience about issues ranging from relationships to education. In 2017, Bri Steves walked across the stage of Temple University. She told us going to school in the day and working on music all night was one of the hardest things she’s done, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite being told by people close to her how unrealistic her dreams are, she proved them wrong and speaks about it on her track “Miami.”

Before marching onto the stage with a guitar in hand, H.E.R (Having Everything Revealed) shared footage of herself at 6 years old. At a young age she dreamt about the life she is living right now, composing her own music while singing her own stories. Last week, she posted to Instagram saying “I remember performing in front of 4 people, today it is 4,000 people”. Throughout the tour she continues to remain humble and thank God for His continuous blessings. H.E.R closed off the post saying “anything is possible when you are passionate!” At 21 years old and living her dreams she thanked the crowd countless times for listening to her music and supporting her. She started off her set with some newer music from I Used to Know Her: The Prelude and Part 2. Songs like: “Carried Away,” “I’m Not Okay,” “Hard Place,” “Lost Souls” and “As I Am.” When H.E.R. performed songs off of Volume 1, 2 and Volume 2 The B Sides she gained the most love from fans. As soon as the melody for songs like: “U,” “Focus,” “Lights Out,” “Options,” “Every Kind of Way,” and especially “Best Part,” fans were screaming in anticipation of what was to come. Just when concertgoers sensed the show was coming to an end the cheers got louder and louder making H.E.R. unable to speak. Those on the balcony began rumbling their feet which amplified the crowd's excitement and she decided to do one more song before exiting the stage.

I Used to Know Her Tour continues in the United States until December before she heads to Europe in March. Find all the dates here.

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